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Frying olive oil or extra virgin olive oil?

Differences and applications of the valuable oil

Do you love cooking with olive oil, but wonder when you should use a frying oil and when an extra virgin olive oil? Find out about the differences between these two types and discover practical tips on how both oils can be used optimally as real all-rounders.

Byodo Olivenöl nativ extra aus Italien

What characterizes extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality grade of olive oil. It is cold-pressed at temperatures below 27 °C to preserve the natural aromas and nutrients. Also our

Byodo extra virgin olive oils

are rich in aromas and nutrients and also have a particularly intense taste. This is because the olive varieties selected with care and sensory expertise ensure unique flavor profiles.

More about the flavor profiles
Byodo Brat-Olive Mediterran

What is so special about frying olive oil?

Frying olive oil is specially developed for high temperatures. Due to the higher smoke point compared to extra virgin olive oil, the frying olive oil is more suitable for frying, grilling and deep-frying. Thanks to the Byo-Protect® process, our

Byodo frying olive oils

become high-heat oils. The natural and gentle 3-phase process protects valuable ingredients while guaranteeing a high smoke point.

More about the Byo-Protect process

Do you know the differences?

In order to make the right choice of olive oil, it is important to know the differences in detail.


Here is an overview of the most important differences:


Which oil is better for hot cooking?

Our virgin oils, including extra virgin olive oil, are carefully cold-pressed and only filtered to preserve all the important nutrients. If they are heated too much, they literally go up in smoke. The oil then no longer tastes good and can even form substances that are harmful to health. That’s why you should use a frying oil, such as our Byodo frying olive oils, for frying, grilling and deep-frying. This is because the careful Byo-Protect® process makes them highly heatable and therefore ideal for high temperatures.


How do the oils differ in taste?

The taste of an olive oil can influence the entire character of a dish. Extra virgin olive oil can have different flavor profiles depending on the olive variety, but it is generally known for its intense, fruity taste with slightly bitter or spicy notes. To reflect the Mediterranean flavors and regional diversity of olive varieties, we have selected two hand-picked olive oils with the fruitier character of Italy and the mild taste of Greece. With frying oils, on the other hand, heat-sensitive flavors are gently filtered out, giving them a milder and less intense taste . This makes it versatile, as it does not mask the flavors of other ingredients.


Which oil is more nutritious?

The nutrient content varies depending on the production process. Extra virgin olive oil is rich in valuable nutrients such as antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamin E. These nutrients have positive health benefits. However, the valuable ingredients in our frying oils are also protected and largely preserved through the use of the Byo-Protect process.


Which dishes are the oils suitable for?

Extra virgin olive oil is the first choice when it comes to cold dishes and preserving maximum nutrients and flavor. Thanks to its intense flavor and high content of valuable ingredients, extra virgin olive oil is ideal for salads, dressings, cold starters and dips.

Frying olive oils, on the other hand, should be used in hot kitchens. The higher smoke point and milder taste make it perfect for roasting, grilling or deep-frying without smoking or losing stability.


How are the oils stored correctly?

The shelf life and storage conditions influence the freshness and quality of the oil.

Both oils should be stored in a cool, dark place and protected from light, heat and oxygen. However, the frying oil is less sensitive to storage conditions and also has a longer shelf life. As extra virgin olive oil reacts with oxygen in the air after opening and this can negatively affect the taste and also reduce the health benefits, it should be consumed within 6-12 months of opening under the storage conditions mentioned. In addition, the intense aromas that make extra virgin olive oil so special fade over time.

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Experience the variety of Mediterranean delights!

NEW: Hand-picked organic extra virgin olive oils


There are over 1,000 varieties of olive – each with its own individual flavor profile. As with a good wine, the interplay of climate and soil also influences the taste of the oil. With the utmost care and sensory expertise, Byodo has selected two new, hand-picked olive oils with the fruity character of Italy and the mild taste of Greece from the wide range of olive varieties and flavor profiles.


The extra virgin olive oil from Italy is characterized by its strong and fresh green flavour. With its balanced bitterness and spiciness, it provides fruity moments of pleasure and is particularly suitable for salads or dipping.
Our new extra virgin olive oil from Italy is the perfect ingredient for a delicious

flower garden focaccia

can be prepared.


Discover now


extra virgin olive oil from Greece
impresses with its unique mildness. With its hint of fresh, green aromas, it captures the Greek lightness. The extra virgin olive oil from Greece refines light dishes, especially Greek specialties, and is also ideal as a dip for bread.
Discover the recipe for the
Greek appetizer plate
with our new extra virgin olive oil from Greece.


Discover now

An independent panel of experts tests and evaluates the individual taste profiles of the organic olive oils. In this way, Byodo can ensure that each of the oils authentically embodies its regional character.

The carefully selected olives come from sustainable organic farming and from producers who practice their craft with passion, dedication and love for nature.


The new organic olive oils are now available in the

online shop

or in your trusted organic market.

Would you like to know more about the variety of flavors and the quality of the new organic olive oils? You can get a more detailed insight into the world of olive oils



Frying oil range gets a new addition

NEW: Gentle Roast Olive Mild


Our frying oil expertise dates back to 1996. At that time, a market innovation saw the light of day – Byodo Classic Frying Oil made from sunflower oil was the first 100% organic frying oil that could be heated to a high temperature. Since then, we have been constantly expanding our knowledge, always on the lookout for the best product in the best quality.


Now our range of frying oils has grown:

The new

Roast Olive Mild

is a unique oil composition made from high-oleic sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil. It is ideal for roasting, grilling and deep-frying when a subtle olive note is required to emphasize the flavour of the food.

We filter heat-sensitive plant substances with the
Byo-Protect process
from the oil – gently and naturally. This makes the “Roast Olive Mild” highly heatable. Rounded off with virgin olive oil, it gets its fine, subtle olive note.

To the Roast Olive Mild

The Roast Olive Mild is now available in the

online shop

or in your trusted organic market.

The readers' favorites 2023

Byodo organic products convince


The organic food magazines EVE and NATRÜLICH asked readers about their favorite products from organic food stores. Around 94,500 voted and chose their favorites among the top 100 brands. Our products can also look forward to the title of “Readers’ Favorite 2023”!

fruity tomato ketchup without granulated sugar
is the “eve reader favorite 2023”: Real ketchup fans prefer not to eat anything without it, because for them the tomato-based sauce goes with almost everything. Since a conscious diet starts with the right dip, we opted for an organic ketchup without any granulated sugar, sweetened only subtly with agave syrup. 80% tomato paste from organic Italian tomatoes gives it its deliciously intense, fruity taste. The sun-ripened, freshly harvested tomatoes are briefly steamed immediately after washing. This inactivates enzymes and the fruity taste and red color are retained. The tomato puree is then mixed with the other ingredients, gently heated and mechanically processed until the delicious red sauce can be bottled.


Our recipe tip:

Crispy oven fries with homemade French fry salt

A must-have for readers of NATÜRLICH magazine is the

Byodo Roast Olive Mediterranean

which was one of the winners of the “Naturally Readers’ Favorite 2023”. No wonder, because the combination of a fine olive note and good heat stability makes the oil ideal for frying, grilling and deep-frying, for example Mediterranean dishes. The finest organic olives give it its mild taste. The high oleic acid content of the pure olive oil and the gentle production process ensure good heatability. Like all organic olive oils from Byodo, the Mediterranean Frying Olive is obtained using a nutrient-preserving cold pressing process – naturally from the first pressing. Subsequent steam washing (= gentle deodorization) at low temperatures removes intense colours and flavours from the organic olive oil. This makes it even more heat-resistant.


Our recipe tip:

Vegan Spanish tapas

You too can discover the Byodo “readers’ favorites 2023”

in our online shop


Byodo herbal vinegar excellent

Our classic vinegar receives Best Organic 2023


The testers of the Schrot&Korn customer survey have tasted and decided: Our

vegan herbal vinegar

is Best Organic 2023! This is the 5th time in a row that we have won the coveted award.

Our classic vinegar with the taste of typical garden herbs was tasted by 100 selected organic consumers at home and assessed using a detailed questionnaire on the criteria of taste, mouthfeel, smell and packaging. The vinegar scored well in all categories. It is “perfect if you don’t have any fresh herbs in the garden”. Many testers also appreciated the mild taste of the herbal vinegar with 5% acidity. The packaging, which not only looks great in the kitchen, but also enables simple and precise dosing thanks to its special spout, was also rated positively. As a vegan product, the

herbal vinegar

is also suitable for a purely plant-based diet. In contrast to many conventional vinegars, which are clarified with animal gelatine, the

Byodo vinegar classics

only filtered.

We are delighted with the excellent feedback on our fine herbal vinegar made from 100% organic ingredients. It shows that we are keeping our promise of enjoyment to you and that our intensive quality work is paying off.


Vinegar in the Byodo range

Vinegar has been an elementary component of our range right from the start. As the market leader in the vinegar segment, we offer other vinegar classics as well as

fruity balsamic vinegars

as well as

Italian balsamic vinegars and creams



What is the difference between vinegar, balsamic vinegar and balsamic vinegar?
The Byodo vinegars contain only wine vinegar, while the balsamic vinegars are a mixture of vinegar and fruit juice concentrate. Apple cider vinegar always forms the basis. The fruity note is provided by pomegranate or raspberry juice concentrate, for example. In addition to wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar also contains concentrated grape must, which ensures a balanced, harmonious taste. The grape must concentrate makes up around half of the

Byodo Cremas



How is vinegar made?
Byodo organic vinegar is made from alcohol, which is slowly fermented at warm temperatures with the help of acetic acid bacteria and oxygen. Depending on the variety, red wine, raspberry wine or grain alcohol may be used. This production process is called natural vinegar fermentation. In order to preserve the valuable enzymes and flavors, the

Byodo vinegar

is also not heated.


Why do Byodo vinegars not have a best-before date printed on them?
According to the regulation, so-called fermentation vinegars do not require a best-before date (BBD) – which is why there is no BBD printed on the Byodo vinegar classics. For all

balsamici and balsamic vinegars

However, a best-before date is indicated on all balsamic vinegars and balsamic vinegars to ensure optimum taste at all times.


What is the difference between conventional vinegar, organic vinegar and Byodo vinegar?
The most fundamental difference is, of course, the ingredients. Only raw materials from controlled organic cultivation are used for organic vinegar. At Byodo, the proportion of organic ingredients is also 100%, while the organic label is awarded from 95% organic content. Conventional vinegars use sulphurous acid to prevent the formation of cloudiness and streaks. Sulphurization is generally not permitted in organic vinegars, which is why Byodo’s organic vinegar specialities are all unsulphurized. Conventional vinegar is sometimes colored with sugar couleur. Flavorings are also permitted. With organic vinegar, none of this goes into the bottle. Byodo vinegars get their color and fine taste solely from the careful selection of raw materials.

Chocolate meets chickpeas

NEW: Puffed, chocolate-coated chickpea waffles!


Puffed rice cakes are one of our first products. First introduced in 1988, the crispy slices are still an absolute customer favorite today. Now there’s a breath of fresh air in the waffle range: puffed chickpea waffles with a chocolate coating. The crispy slices in 100% organic quality impress with their nutty taste and an extra portion of protein and fiber.

With around 20 g of protein and 12 g of fiber per 100 g of dried chickpeas, these pulses are real powerhouses. They also contain a variety of valuable minerals that are retained even after puffing.

Chocolate lovers will get their money’s worth with the organic company’s new power snack – a whopping 50% chocolate covers the crispy, puffed-up slices. With the dark chocolate variant, we also offer a vegan version of the crispy snack. The nutty taste of the chickpeas in combination with the fine chocolate also ensures the ultimate indulgence for young and old.

Protein-rich power pasta

Discover pulses made from pasta


gluten-free organic Volanti with red lentils
have been impressing consumers for four years with their characteristic taste of protein-rich pulses. Two new pasta shapes have been added to the range this fall:
Cellentani made from green peas
Spirelli made from chickpeas
. Both contain only 100% organic ingredients from Italy. What’s more, the new products are gluten-free, vegan and sustainably packaged in paper.




The funny shape of a pasta press set at an angle is the


thanks to a crooked pasta press. It was named after a popular singer in the 70s. With flour made from organic green peas, the pasta shape is experiencing a delicious renaissance, tasting fresh and slightly sweet.






are a Neapolitan specialty. The protein- and fiber-rich cherry pea flour makes them a nutty, roasted taste experience.

Pasta made from pulses only needs a few minutes in hot water to cook. A large pot and caution are also required, as it foams up during cooking. Hot or cold, the protein-rich power pasta is a great addition to colorful bowls, salads and pasta dishes. It is naturally gluten-free and vegan.

The two new pasta varieties and the

Volanti red lentil

also come in paper packaging that is certified with the “FSC Mix” label and promotes responsible forest management. The packaging can and should be disposed of in the blue garbage can for waste paper, so it can be 100% recycled.

Perfect pasta enjoyment even without gluten

We are expanding our gluten-free pasta range


Authentic al dente enjoyment without gluten – that is our claim. At Byodo, pasta fans with gluten intolerance can also enjoy Italian pasta that tastes confusingly similar to the original. The popular

gluten-free lasagna sheets made from corn and rice flour

in 100% organic quality will therefore be joined this fall by two new pasta shapes:


. They are in no way inferior to pasta made from durum wheat semolina and can therefore be easily substituted in tried and tested recipes.

Casarecce means “home-made” and their slightly twisted shape is somewhat reminiscent of small scrolls. The Sedani shape originates from Naples, where the short tubular pasta is also known as “ivory pasta” due to its curved shape.

The corn and rice lasagne has been available in a sustainable carton right from the start and the two new gluten-free pasta varieties from Byodo are also packaged in paper. The packaging is certified with the “FSC Mix” label and thus promotes responsible forest management. If paper and cardboard are disposed of in the blue garbage can for waste paper, they can be 100% recycled.

Proven enjoyment in a new guise

Grill & Tex Mex” becomes “Mexico Salsa Sauce”


New look, but as delicious as ever! The Grill & Tex Mex sauce from Byodo Naturkost is changing from the plastic squeeze packaging to the delicatessen glass bottle. The name of the organic barbecue sauce also changes with the packaging – it becomes Mexico Salsa Sauce.

At Byodo Naturkost GmbH, perfect taste comes first alongside 100% organic ingredients. With the new

Mexico Salsa Sauce

– formerly Grill & Tex Mex Sauce – the recipe with chili, paprika and Mexican spices is already so sophisticated that the innovations are limited to the packaging.

Fans of the vegan organic sauce can now get it in a glass bottle. Byodo has taken the feedback from its customers to heart and implemented a frequent customer request with the new packaging. The new name also expresses more clearly what the taste buds can expect: Fiery, spicy enjoyment and the incomparable Mexican note.

The Mexico salsa sauce is the spicy component in tacos, burritos, enchiladas and co., goes perfectly as a cold or slightly warmed dip with nachos or serves as a delicious alternative to classic ketchup when barbecuing or with chips – for all those who like it spicier. The organic delicatessen sauce is not only vegan, but also gluten and yeast-free.



Mexico Salsa Sauce

is available in our
online shop
or in your local organic market.

Organic pasta now in paper packaging

100% enjoyment in 100% recyclable packaging


Not only perfect enjoyment and the best organic quality, but also sustainable packaging play a central role in our organic products. That is why we are switching the packaging of Italian Byodo pasta to paper.


lasagne sheets in light-colored




gluten-free version

and the
were available in cardboard packaging from the outset. The previous plastic-reduced composite packaging for our other pasta varieties is now also being completely replaced by 100% recyclable paper packaging, which can and should be disposed of in the blue garbage can for waste paper.

The new packaging is made of paper with the “FSC Mix” certification. It therefore contains materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled material and material from controlled sources (Controlled Wood). This mix of materials promotes responsible forest management by enabling the parallel processing of both certified and non-certified wood*.

Our love of pasta is particularly evident in the selection of the best raw materials and the Byodo promise of enjoyment. Only sun-ripened, Italian grain in 100% organic quality is used for the 19 durum wheat and 4 emmer semolina varieties. It is always freshly ground and processed into pasta in Italy. Traditional bronze dies slightly roughen the surface of the noodles when pressed so that they later combine perfectly with the sauce.


Byodo and its pasta – a German-Italian love story since 1992.

30 years ago, Byodo founder Michael Moßbacher was one of the first manufacturers to launch light-colored organic pasta on the market. At the time, it was absolutely innovative and required a lot of explanation, because until then only the wholemeal version had been known as organic pasta. Since then, we have maintained a good partnership with our Italian pasta partners and have acquired a wide range of pasta expertise over the past three decades.


*FSC Germany,

An innovative cooperation

Byodo Pasta at the Berlin Fashion Week


What does pasta have to do with fashion, you might ask? Fashion designer Kilian Kerner is not only a fan of the good taste of Byodo pasta, but is also enthusiastic about our modern packaging design. This led to a very special collaboration: he presented his “Dream Worlds” collection at the Berlin Fashion Week show on January 20, 2021 and our pasta was there too. With a wink, Kilian Kerner picked up on the current zeitgeist in his show and integrated the currently most popular products toilet paper and pasta.

Our Byodo pasta variety into a fashion show was definitely a completely new idea for us. However, we have been enthusiastic about innovative ideas since our company was founded in 1985 and were immediately on fire for this extraordinary cooperation!

The likeable designer presented his fashion, which is worn by international stars such as Kylie Minogue, Karolina Kurkova and German stars such as Veronica Ferres, for the first time at Berlin Fashion Week in 2008. Since then, it has been an integral part of the well-known event, which is being held online for the first time this year. When creating his works of art, he is very keen to use sustainable materials and not to integrate any animal ingredients.

On YouTube you can watch the whole show of the designer Kilian Kerner again.