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Discover our variety of ketchup! Byodo Ketchup stands for quality, enjoyment and a love of high-quality organic products. Every bottle contains the pure sun of Italy - sun-kissed tomatoes, freshly harvested and processed into an intensely fruity organic ketchup.

Pure tomato ketchup

Tomato and fruity!

Our tomato ketchup is packed with extra fruity tomatoes from Italy. Its beautiful red color promises an intensely fruity taste.

  • The fruity Byodo Tomato Ketchup tastes great with grilled food, but is also a particularly delicious accompaniment to chips.
  • For a subtle sweetness, try our Byodo Ketchup without granulated sugar with agave syrup.
  • The specially developed children’s ketchup is also refined with the sweetness of agave and contains a whopping 85% tomato puree.
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Spiced tomato ketchup

Really spicy!

  • Fruity tomatoes and various organic spices make up our spicy ketchup.
  • Our curry ketchup with a strong pinch of curry goes perfectly with grilled food and, of course, with classic currywurst.
  • The hot ketchup with fiery chilies is ideal for all gourmets who like spicy food.
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The world of ketchup

Ketchup is one of the most popular condiments in the world. It reflects flavors and cultures and differs in taste and composition. In this way, a variety of dishes can be given the necessary seasoning in the form of a sauce or dip. Our fine organic ketchup impresses with its fine recipe and carefully selected organic ingredients from agricultural cultivation.

Classic ketchup is a seasoning sauce that usually consists of tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, onions and spices. Tomatoes form the basis of ketchup. The quality and processing of the tomatoes is decisive for the taste. Ketchup is characterized by a balanced mixture of sweetness and acidity, which is achieved by adding sugar and vinegar. Spices and aromas such as onions, garlic, mustard and other spices can give the ketchup an individual flavor. There are different types of ketchup, we’ll show you the difference.

Organic ketchup is made exclusively from organically grown tomatoes, without the use of synthetic pesticides or chemicals. The tomato puree in our

organic ketchup

is made exclusively from sun-ripened, freshly harvested tomatoes from Italy. We also use raw cane sugar, brandy vinegar, rock salt and spices – all ingredients from controlled organic cultivation, of course.

Organic ketchup is joined by other variants, such as gourmet ketchup and spicy ketchup. Gourmet ketchup can contain additional ingredients such as herbs, fruit or even wine to achieve a refined taste. As the name suggests, the spicy ketchup is refined with additional spices such as garlic, onion or hot chili notes for a more intense taste. We differentiate between spice, curry and hot ketchup. While the

Spicy Ketchup

a rich vegetable bouquet and the

Curry Ketchup

contain a strong pinch of curry, the

Hot Ketchup

is refined with an extra portion of heat thanks to fiery chilies.

For people who want to reduce their sugar consumption, there are also sugar-free variants. The

Organic tomato ketchup without granulated sugar

dispenses with classic granulated sugar. Instead, the tomato ketchup without granulated sugar is sweetened with the natural product agave syrup.

There are also special ketchup variants that have been developed for children. Children’s ketchup often has a milder taste and a reduced sugar content. Our
Kids Ketchup
with 85% tomato puree tastes very fruity and is only gently refined with the sweetness of agave.

Byodo tomato ketchup in recycled squeeze bottles

Our popular tomato and children’s ketchup is now also available in a squeeze bottle made from 50% recycled PET. In the interests of sustainability, we have optimized the PET bottles of our most popular companions. The mayonnaise and other selected sauces are now filled into rPET squeeze bottles. rPET is made from existing material and is more sustainable than newly produced PET in several respects.

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Grilled hot dogs in two variations
Two variations of the German-American classic, refined with smoky barbecue sauce and fruity tomato ketchup.
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30 min.

Byodo grill bread
Light and fluffy grilled bread with Mediterranean vegetables. Baked on the grill, it tastes delicious with our spicy delicatessen sauces.
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90 min.


Children’s picnic
Toadstool salad, pizza faces, octopus sausages and delicious chocolate pudding with fruit promise lots of picnic fun for the whole family!
To the recipe ...

120 min.

Three kinds of ketchup sauces
These 3 homemade ketchup sauces provide that certain something! Whether it’s a smoky BBQ version, a fruity mango and ginger combination or fiery and spicy with jalapenos – you decide!
To the recipe ...

15 min.



Byodo promise of enjoyment
Unforgettable taste experiences - we would like to offer you these moments with our wide range of premium organic products.
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Also available in large containers
Our wide range of products is also available in bulk for those who want to enjoy our organic quality on a large scale.
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