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With our mayos, creamy indulgence meets 100% organic quality. In addition to classic mayonnaise and remoulade, you will also find plant-based alternatives in our mayo range in the form of vegan mayo and aioli. Discover the unmistakable taste and versatility of mayo indulgence.


The classics!

  • Our delicatessen mayonnaise with organic egg not only tastes great with chips, but also goes perfectly with grilled fish, meat or sauces.
  • The herb remoulade and the light mayo in the form of salad cream add to the creamy taste sensation!
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Vegan mayos

Vegan mayo delight!

  • Our creamy, vegan mayo is an absolute highlight. Even non-vegans love this plant-based alternative because of its versatility!
  • If you prefer the creamy taste of garlic, try our vegan aioli.
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Discover the variety of mayo

Mayos are not only delicious, but also extremely versatile. Sandwiches, salads, dip sauces or even fried fish or meat can be given an extra portion of creaminess and flavor with mayonnaise. With carefully selected organic ingredients and a fine recipe, our mayonnaises not only promise maximum enjoyment, but also 100% organic quality from agricultural cultivation.

There are different types of mayonnaise, which are characterized by different ingredients and flavours and can be used in a variety of dishes. We’ll show you the difference.

Egg yolk, vegetable oil, water, vinegar, lemon juice, mustard, salt and pepper form the basis of a mayonnaise. A
delicatessen mayonnaise
is made with high-quality ingredients such as organic eggs to achieve a particularly fine and creamy consistency.

Also the

herb remoulade

is a variant of mayonnaise. This is enriched with herbs such as parsley, tarragon or chives and provides an aromatic taste. In addition to the herbs, we also add crunchy cucumbers to the jar. These give the remoulade a hearty, spicy taste.


salad cream

also known as light mayonnaise, contains no eggs and is characterized by a reduced fat content in contrast to conventional mayonnaises. This makes the salad cream easier to enjoy while retaining its full flavor. In addition to the classic mayonnaise varieties, there are also vegan alternatives.


vegan mayo

is naturally made without eggs, using plant-based alternatives instead. Another variant of vegan mayo is reflected in the
again. Valuable oils and 100% organic ingredients make it wonderfully creamy. The fine garlic note ensures a particularly aromatic taste.

Byodo mayonnaise in a recycled squeeze bottle

Our popular delicatessen mayonnaise is now also available in a squeeze bottle made from 50% recycled PET. In the interests of sustainability, we have optimized the PET bottles of our most popular companions. The mayonnaise and other selected sauces are now filled into rPET squeeze bottles. rPET is made from existing material and is more sustainable than newly produced PET in several respects.

More about our sustainable packaging
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Byodo promise of enjoyment
Unforgettable taste experiences - we would like to offer you these moments with our wide range of premium organic products.
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Also available in large containers
Our wide range of products is also available in bulk for those who want to enjoy our organic quality on a large scale.
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