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High-quality organic oils for every occasion

From fine gourmet oils and Mediterranean organic olive oils to highly heatable organic frying oils thanks to the unique Byo-Protect® process. Here you will find first-class oils for unforgettable taste experiences.

Frying oils

Whether for frying, grilling or deep-frying – our organic frying oils are indispensable. They are characterized by their high heatability, their unique taste and their versatility.

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Baking oil

Baking with oil instead of butter makes baked goods airier, juicier and fresher for longer. In addition to better taste, it also offers other advantages.

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Extra virgin olive oils

With the Byodo olive oils
extra virgin, you can enrich your dishes with the complex aroma of exquisite organic olives and give them the finishing touch. Our organic olive oils are of the highest quality and are gently cold-pressed.

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Pleasure oils

Our precious pleasure oils are obtained from carefully selected organic raw materials through first-class pressing. Byodo’s cold-pressed organic oils enhance sweet and savory dishes with their unmistakable taste.

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A culinary highlight with the right oil

The art of cooking often begins with choosing the right oil. Even in the simplest kitchen, choosing the right oil plays a crucial role. Whether for frying, baking or simply as a finish for a dish – each oil has its own character and specific areas of application.

Frying oils
are ideal for frying, grilling and deep-frying at high temperatures. With high heat resistance and a neutral aroma, they allow the natural flavors of the ingredients to come to the fore. If you also like a Mediterranean touch when roasting, then the Mediterranean Roast Olive or the Roast Olive Mild.

Baking with oil
instead of butter makes baked goods airier and juicier, prolongs freshness and offers advantages such as a vegetable butter alternative, a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, easy dosing and immediate stirring without melting butter.

Virgin olive oils
bring freshness to salads, dressings, marinades and as a finish for cold dishes. Their fruity and spicy notes lend dishes a Mediterranean elegance.


The indulgence oils including almond oil and linseed oil, unfold their versatility in cold applications such as smoothies or yoghurts. Each oil brings its own nuance of flavor – be it sweet, nutty or fruity.

The right choice of oil is crucial for the taste and quality of your dishes. Whether you are frying, baking or seasoning with relish, the variety of oils makes it possible to turn every meal into a culinary experience. Experiment with the different oils and discover which one is best suited to take your culinary creations to a new level.

Recipe ideas with our variety of oils

Greek appetizer plate
The taste of Greece on a plate: delicious appetizer plate with pickled feta, fine spicy fava and stuffed eggplant.
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45 min.


Radicchio salad
This refreshing radicchio salad with tangy walnut kernel oil and tender goat’s cheese is not only simple, but also a varied treat for salad lovers.
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10 min.


Raspberry eclairs with seed oil cream
This sweet temptation from France with the delicious cream made from Styrian pumpkin seed oil and fruity raspberries is an absolute eye-catcher!
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60 min.


Vegan spring risotto with green vegetables
Spring fever is on its way! This vegan risotto is a delicious combination of fresh asparagus, crunchy peas, cashew nuts and vegan parmesan.
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60 min.




Byodo promise of enjoyment
Unforgettable taste experiences - we want to offer these moments with our wide range of premium organic products.
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Also available in large containers
Our wide range of products is also available in bulk for those who want to enjoy our organic quality on a large scale.
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