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Welle Welle

Social commitment

Of course, Byodo also dares to look beyond the ecological horizon: it is important to us to promote healthy nutrition for children - this is what our BIObegeistert sponsorship stands for. But Byodo also wants to support people for whom the central question is not "How do I eat?" but "What do I eat?".

Promotion BIObegeistert

As a pioneer of organic enjoyment, we want to inspire even more people and take them with us on our journey towards a sustainable future! We believe that it is important to awaken an interest in organic food at a young age. That’s why we support organic projects at nurseries and schools throughout Germany with up to 5,000 euros as part of our BIObegeistert sponsorship program.

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Food donations

Many people in Germany live in income poverty. And when income is tight, the first thing people often save on is food. Malnutrition, high susceptibility to illness and, unfortunately, social isolation are the result. We therefore regularly donate organic products that are approaching their best-before date or have minor defects in filling and packaging.

Malawi Aid Schwindegg

Byodo has been supporting Malawi Hilfe Schwindegg for many years, demonstrating its social commitment internationally. With the help of our Christmas donation, wells can be built and farmers trained to produce better harvests. Our used, refurbished laptops are given a second life in Malawi and enable the students supported by the association to receive an academic education.

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Daycare center catering

The foundations for healthy eating in children are laid in the first months and years of life. We can support this by providing a balanced organic lunch in the daycare center and kindergarten.

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Holistic health at Byodo

At Byodo, the promotion of physical and mental health is at the heart of our corporate philosophy, because we firmly believe that a healthy and energetic team is the basis for joint and sustainable corporate success.
Our wide range of services for employees comprises various measures, including company bike leasing, in-house courses, joint training and relaxation sessions and on-site prevention days.
Through these comprehensive measures, we not only promote physical health, but also increase the well-being and quality of life of each individual. We thus create a working environment that supports long-term and sustainable well-being at all levels.

Sustainable working
In our vision to inspire sustainable living through conscious enjoyment, we focus on sustainable work. Find out here what our organic hearts beat for.
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Helping to shape Byodo
Good cooperation and mutual appreciation enable value-oriented, collaborative work to take place. This approach characterizes us at Byodo every day.
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