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Sustainable packaging

Optimal packaging of our organic products is the most important factor in protecting them from external influences and thus preserving their high quality for a long time. But it should also be visually appealing and practical. In addition, the ecological aspect and therefore the development of sustainable packaging options is of course particularly important to us!

Squeeze bottles made from rPET

Byodo ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard can be portioned particularly well with the PET squeeze bottle. We have now optimized the packaging in terms of sustainability. From now on, the five Byodo Squeeze products – Tomato and Kids Ketchup, Grill & Burger Sauce, Delikatess Mayonnaise and Medium-Hot Mustard – will be filled in Squeeze bottles made from 50% recycled PET.

rPET is more sustainable than primary, i.e. newly produced PET, in several respects. The production of packaging made from rPET consumes significantly less energy and therefore causes fewer emissions than the production of new PET. As rPET is made from existing material, it also conserves valuable resources. And it can theoretically be recycled an infinite number of times.

The recycled material for the new rPET bottles comes from post-consumer material – this means that new squeeze bottles can be made from the squeeze bottle and other PET waste, which consists of at least 95% European food PET waste. The disposed bottles are crushed into flakes by specially certified recyclers. These flakes are then melted down and processed into granulate, from which new bottle blanks are produced. To support this recycling process, both the white lid and the transparent bottle can be disposed of separately in the yellow bag or yellow garbage can.

For the sake of sustainability, Byodo accepts a slight gray haze on the transparent bottles. However, this small, purely visual flaw should be of no relevance to anyone who wants to consume in an environmentally conscious way.


Organic pasta in paper

In the course of 2022, we will switch our entire Byodo pasta range to paper packaging. It consists of paper with the “FSC Mix” certification. This means it contains materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled material and material from controlled sources (Controlled Wood). This mix of materials promotes responsible forest management by enabling industrial companies to process both certified and non-certified wood. These two material flows actually have to be strictly separated during processing, which is often not technically possible and therefore certification is usually dispensed with completely. The FSC Mix label makes FSC certification possible even if both materials are used at the same time. This promotes the demand for FSC wood and also makes conversion economically attractive for small forest structures. *

*FSC Germany,


100% recycled tubes

Our fine hot, medium hot and sweet mustard, as well as the creamy delicatessen mayonnaise, are also available in practical tubes in addition to the sustainable jar. This gives our organic product the best possible protection from light and air, allowing it to retain its full flavor for even longer. We also offer our tomato puree double fruit, tomato and bell pepper puree double fruit and tomato and vegetable puree double fruit in practical tubes.

In 2022, we will go one step further and use only 100% recycled aluminum for our tube products.** This is a raw material that is only available in limited quantities on earth. This is precisely why it is important to recycle aluminum packaging and thus close the cycle for this valuable resource. The material for our tubes comes from the environmentally friendly recycling of production aluminum. Through multiple use, CO2 emissions can be saved in production with every recycled tube. The specially developed alloy of our tubes also ensures the best protective properties.

After using up the delicious organic mustard varieties and organic mayonnaise, you can simply dispose of our tubes in the yellow garbage can as usual. In this way, together we are making a valuable contribution to closed material cycles and conserving the limited resources available on our planet.

**The tubes are made of 100% recycled aluminum without lids.


Organic oils in tin cans

In order to preserve the valuable ingredients and the fine taste of our gourmet oils, we have filled them for you in a protective tin can, for example. This is also good for the environment, as tinplate has the highest recycling rate of all materials* in the material cycle. Thanks to its magnetic properties, it can be easily fished out of the bin and can also be reused as often as required. Unlike the darkest glass bottle, the tin keeps light out and provides optimum long-term protection for native oils that are not consumed immediately. The different lid colors should also make it as easy as possible for you to distinguish them in the kitchen.

*Society for Packaging Market Research (2017): Recycling balance sheet for packaging. Recycling rate of sales packaging from private end consumers.


What comes next?

Our product development team is already putting out feelers for new optimal packaging – for 100% enjoyment and even more sustainability!

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