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From exotic, fruity curry mango sauce to creamy garlic sauce and deliciously smoky barbecue sauce. Our spicy delicatessen sauces are the icing on the cake for your dishes! Maximum enjoyment and 100% organic quality are guaranteed.

Delicatessen sauces

Our unique selection of organic sauces for unmistakable taste experiences and a sustainable lifestyle. From sweet and spicy Asian sauce to creamy garlic sauce – our carefully selected organic ingredients will transform your dishes into sustainable culinary delights.

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Salad dressings

Delicious times for salad lovers! Ready-to-eat dressings and vinaigrettes from Byodo – perfect for fresh salad creations and colorful bowls. Simply shake, pour and enjoy.

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The unique creaminess and Italian variety of flavors of our 3 selected pesto varieties in 100% organic quality are a real treat. Thanks to their creamy texture, they are versatile and will take your dishes to the next level – whether as a dip, sauce or topping.

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Expert knowledge for gourmet grillers

What is the perfect cooking level for my meat? How do you marinate meat properly? And what should definitely not be missing from the barbecue? Delicious recipes, helpful tips & tasty products all about barbecuing. Whether with meat, fish, tofu or vegetables.
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A variety of sauces for the festive season

Whether served with delicacies from a hot fondue pot, small pans for raclette or a fine cheese platter - our organic delicatessen sauces are the ideal accompaniment for moments of pleasure on festive days and make the hearts of gourmets beat faster.
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Recipe ideas with our sauces

Mini halloumi burger
Small but mighty! The mini burgers with spicy marinated halloumi and creamy barbecue sauce are an absolutely delicious barbecue treat!
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60 min.


Halloumi zucchini parcels
Fine zucchini parcels with halloumi and bulgur salad, served with the delicious Byodo curry-mango sauce and chili bell pepper sauce.
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40 min.


Wholemeal sandwich with curry mango chicken fillet
Hearty sandwich with deliciously marinated curry-mango chicken fillet – delicacies on the go!
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50 min.

Asian tofu grill skewers
Vegan cooking in the Asian style. Delicious barbecue skewers with tasty smoked tofu, refined with a spicy hoisin marinade from Vietnam.
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20 min.



Byodo promise of enjoyment
Unforgettable taste experiences - we want to offer these moments with our wide range of premium organic products.
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Also available in large containers
Our wide range of products is also available in bulk for those who want to enjoy our organic quality on a large scale.
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