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From classic spicy mustard to creative and unique mustard sauces and fresh horseradish. When it comes to mustard, we are experts and the know-how we have gained over decades goes into every one of our fine mustard and horseradish varieties. The finest recipe and 100% best organic ingredients from agricultural cultivation make our organic mustard and organic horseradish a real treat!


The classics!

Our classic mustards are the perfect addition to any dish.

  • Our sweet mustard is traditionally made according to a Bavarian recipe.
  • Our medium-hot mustard, on the other hand, impresses with its all-round talent in the kitchen. Creamy and wonderfully spicy, the medium-hot mustard not only tastes great with sausage and cheese, but also refines dressings, soups and fish dishes.
  • If you like it hot and spicy, try our hot mustard.
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Mustard sauces

Delicious mustard creations!

  • Our mustard sauces not only impress with their organic quality, but also add a new dimension of flavor to your dishes.
  • The large selection of our mustard sauces reflects the variety of uses. From the sweet seduction of fig mustard to the fruity freshness of orange mustard.
  • Each mustard sauce is a delicacy made from carefully selected organic ingredients.
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Refreshing spiciness!

Our horseradish also contains only high-quality organic ingredients from agricultural cultivation. These give our horseradish varieties an unmistakable taste.

  • Table horseradish is naturally hot and spicy and goes perfectly with hearty snacks or sausages and also enhances the flavor of sauces for beef dishes or boiled beef.
  • The creamy cream horseradish, on the other hand, has a mild spiciness thanks to the addition of an extra portion of cream and is ideal for salmon or smoked fish and also refines sauces for fish dishes.

Diverse mustard range

Mustard is made from the seeds of the mustard plant. The pungency of mustard is created by a reaction when mustard seeds and water come into contact. In classic mustard, the organic mustard seeds are first sorted and cleaned before the whole seeds are crushed by rollers and turned into soft meal. Water, vinegar, salt and spices are added to this grist. This produces the so-called mash, which is allowed to rest for a while to allow the mustard aroma to develop optimally. Everything is then ground to a creamy consistency and bottled. Depending on the type of mustard, either the type of mustard seed or the addition of ingredients and the production technique differ. To ensure that we can guarantee the freshness of Byodo mustard, it is always produced in small batches.

During the production of hot mustard is made from brown mustard seeds, which provide a more intense spiciness. The medium-hot mustard also known as all-purpose mustard, offers a balanced blend of heat and flavor. It is versatile and can be combined with many dishes. Mustard is sweetened or caramelized with honey or sugar to make sweet mustard to produce sweet mustard. This has a mild taste. In addition to the classic mustard varieties, there are also various mustard sauces to choose from, which differ in terms of the addition of other ingredients or variations in production. How the Dijon mustard is traditionally made with white wine or grape must and is characterized by a mild, spicy taste. With the mustard-dill sauce mustard is mixed with fresh dill to give the sauce a certain lightness. Mustard and dill sauce goes particularly well with fish dishes or cheese and refines salad marinades. Fruity mustard sauces are also available. These are obtained by adding fruits such as mango, figs oranges oranges give a particularly fruity and spicy note and are ideal as an accompaniment to poultry or as a dip. A mustard sauce that is typically used for barbecue dishes is the Grill & Fondue Mustard. The combination of mustard with barbecue spices such as paprika or garlic creates a spicy sauce that goes perfectly with barbecued food or raclette and fondue in the cold season.

The variety of mustard varieties makes it possible to experience different flavors and degrees of spiciness. The use of organic ingredients is not only evident in the taste, but also ensures the high quality of the mustard.

Our mustard in 100% recycled tubes!

Our classic sweet, medium-hot and spicy mustard is also available in a practical tube made from 100% recycled aluminum in addition to the sustainable jar! With this step, we want to close the loop for valuable resources, such as the limited raw material aluminum, and make a valuable contribution to closed material cycles. The practical tube protects our mustard from light and air in the best possible way. This allows the full flavor to be retained even longer.

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Marinated salmon fillets
Salmon fillet marinated in mango-balsamic mustard and honey – deliciously grilled on a fruity mango-fennel salad.
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55 min.

3-course raclette menu
Enjoy three delicious pan variations for raclette with your loved ones! The delicious Byodo sauces made from 100% organic ingredients go well with them.
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120 min.

Bavarian picnic wraps
Hearty, crunchy wraps with meat loaf and homemade special pickles – delicious finger food for a successful picnic.
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10 min.

Oriental bulgur salad
The Orient on a fork: savory bulgur is combined with sweet dates and fruity pomegranate seeds.
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20 min.



Byodo promise of enjoyment
Unforgettable taste experiences - we would like to offer you these moments with our wide range of premium organic products.
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Also available in large containers
Our wide range of products is also available in bulk for those who want to enjoy our organic quality on a large scale.
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