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Our vinegars

Byodo vinegars and oils enrich every kitchen with their delicious variety. Naturalness is particularly important to us, which is why our organic vinegars and organic oils are produced as carefully, gently and naturally as possible.

Vinegar classics

Get to know the classics of our delicious, organic vinegar variety. The Byodo vinegar classics are not heated – for natural enjoyment at its finest.

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Fruity balsamic vinegar

The fruity and delicate variety of our Byodo balsamic vinegars leaves nothing to be desired. 100% finest organic ingredients and natural vinegar fermentation ensure a uniquely delicious taste

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Italian balsamic vinegar & balsamic vinegar

Byodo balsamic vinegars come directly from the heart of vinegar production – the northern Italian province of Modena. They are carefully made from 100% of the finest organic ingredients.

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Discover the variety of vinegars

The fascinating differences between different types of vinegar

Vinegar is much more than just a spicy ingredient in the kitchen. Its versatile applications and wide variety of flavors make it a fascinating element in the culinary world.

Vinegar is produced through the fermentation of alcohol, usually from wine, beer or fruit juice. The alcohol it contains is converted into vinegar by acetic acid bacteria. This chemical process gives each vinegar its unique flavor and aroma palette. In addition to its use as a flavor enhancer in salads and sauces, vinegar has many other applications. It can serve as a preservative, cleaning agent and even as a natural hair care product. The acid in the vinegar has a disinfectant and antibacterial effect.

The world of vinegars presents itself as a fascinating mosaic of flavors and traditions.

Each type of vinegar has its own history, production method and flavor nuances. We show you the differences between different types of vinegar and the secrets behind their unique characteristics.

Vinegar made from wine forms the basis of many classic vinegar varieties.

Red wine vinegar
impresses with its deep red color and robust taste, while white wine vinegar is more subtle and milder. The choice of wine, the duration of fermentation and maturation are decisive factors that influence the individual taste.

Apple cider vinegar
is characterized by its fruity aroma and slightly sweet taste. It has gained popularity not only in the kitchen, but also as an addition to refreshing drinks. Apple cider vinegar offers a variety of flavors ranging from subtle to strong and gives dishes a characteristic note.

A look at the fascinating world of balsamic vinegars reveals a treasure among vinegars. Made from reduced grape must, balsamic vinegars often mature for years in wooden barrels. The result is a thick, sweet vinegar with a complex flavor profile. Different stages of ageing give the balsamic vinegar different degrees of sweetness and density, making it a real delicacy.

The variety of fruit vinegars is large. Vinegars made from fruits such as raspberries, pomegranates or figs offer sweet and sour notes and are ideal for salads, desserts and even savory dishes. Their fresh aromas give the dishes an unmistakable freshness.

The Italian balsamic vinegar, the proud product of a centuries-old tradition, is characterized by its slow maturation in wooden barrels. With its characteristic density and sweet complexity, it is not only a culinary enrichment, but also a cultural icon. From the sun-drenched region of Modena to gourmet kitchens around the world, Italian balsamic vinegar gives every dish an incomparable elegance and depth.

In addition to traditional vinegars, there are also vinegar essences that are created by reducing vinegar. These intense flavors are perfect for adding special accents to sauces and desserts. The vinegar essences offer a depth of flavor that stands out from traditional vinegars and is appreciated in gourmet cuisine.

From the classic vinegar base made from wine to apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar and fruit vinegars through to the intense vinegar essences, there is a wide range of taste experiences to discover. Each vinegar tells its own story and adds a fascinating dimension to the world of culinary delights.

Recipe ideas with our vinegar variety

Pink Tonic
Fruity pomegranate, sparkling tonic water and fine gin – the perfect combination for your next cocktail party!
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3 min.



Spicy tomato chutney
The pleasure of summer preserved with sun-ripened tomatoes, apples, onions and spicy herb vinegar, refined with fresh garden herbs.
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60 min.


Stuffed eggplants
Mediterranean delight from the garden with fresh eggplant. The filling with crunchy peppers, feta cheese and onions is given a spicy note with red wine vinegar.
To the recipe ...

75 min.


Winter salad with spinach, chard & pomegranate
Colorful salad for cold days: tender spinach and mild chard combined with the crunchy freshness of pomegranate seeds and refined with our almond oil. This winter salad provides real feel-good moments.
To the recipe ...

10 min.



Byodo promise of enjoyment
Unforgettable taste experiences - we want to offer these moments with our wide range of premium organic products.
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Also available in large containers
Our wide range of products is also available in bulk for those who want to enjoy our organic quality on a large scale.
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