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[bi - o - do] - Japanese for ...

The common path

The name Byodo comes from the Japanese and loosely translates as "the common path". This idea has formed the basis of our actions from the very beginning. Because we are convinced that we can achieve incredible things as a community - whether with our employees, suppliers or customers. At eye level, with a passion for enjoyable organic food and with the common goal of making the world a better place - step by step.

We inspire sustainable living - through conscious enjoyment

Byodo is an organic pioneer – with the founding impulse to produce healthy and, above all, enjoyable food in harmony with nature and with respect for the environment. Then as now, the focus is on enjoyment, which is why we refine all our recipes, ingredients and flavors until they have earned our Byodo promise of enjoyment. Our products are designed to bring joy into the kitchen, make eating an experience and inspire sustainable living.

"Food plays an essential role in a more sustainable world."
Stephanie Moßbacher
100% organic entrepreneur
& founder's daughter

The Byodo owner family: Andrea Sonnberger, Stephanie Moßbacher, Michael Moßbacher

Taking a different path together

As a sustainable family business, we are strongly committed to preserving a healthy environment. What’s more, we see ourselves as a community and have decided to define goals together and support each other along the way. It is not always the easier way, and our processes often take longer – but they are then supported by all employees.

We are driven by a passion for delicious food
We are confident in what we do
Our ingredients are 100% organically grown
Our products stand for "organic at its best" - this is also how we see ourselves as a company

Our values

Doing business differently

Our values

Weg Weg

Respect is our core value, the basis of every collaboration. We appreciate the performance and value of every living being. We respect ourselves, our employees, customers, partners and nature.

Respect means:

We meet at eye level
We focus on partnership
We emphasize openness and consideration in our communication
Doing business differently

We have embodied sustainability as an organic pioneer since 1985. Our decisions take ecological, social and economic aspects into account. Our goal is organic growth with vision.

Doing business differently:

We act in a value-oriented manner
We conserve valuable resources
True sustainable commitment instead of greenwashing

Quality is the spice of a good dish at Byodo. Each area contributes with selected ingredients and refined recipe steps. The result: the highest quality in products, service, working methods and values.

Quality means:

Continuous further development
Sustainable project planning
We also apply the 80/20 rule profitably

Innovation at Byodo is characterized by tradition, courage, going our own way and learning from mistakes. Curiosity and a willingness to take responsibility drive us to constantly seek further development in the organic sector.

Innovation means:

Time for creative ideas
We utilize the strengths of long-standing companions
We build on the knowledge of new employees

Commonality in diversity is our strength at Byodo. Everyone contributes their skills for an unbeatable team performance. We value each other’s strengths and learn from each other in order to actively shape our own path.

Commonality means:

We value the individuality of each person
We live flat hierarchies
We celebrate our successes together

Living sustainability

At Byodo, we take responsibility for people and the environment. On our journey together, we are not concerned with convenience, but with long-term sustainability.

Climate-friendly working

In our vision to inspire a sustainable life through conscious enjoyment, we focus on climate-neutral work. We think outside the box and want to minimize our ecological footprint through targeted measures and innovative approaches. Because every step we take together is a contribution to a better tomorrow.

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Driving sustainability forward together

Alone you are strong, together you are unbeatable. In cooperation with our partners, we want to make an important contribution to the preservation of our nature and environment, but also to society. The important work of the association shows that we can achieve even more on our common path.

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Sustainable products

Our products are not only an expression of the highest organic quality, but also come in sustainable packaging. Our ecological packaging shows that quality does not have to come at the expense of the environment. In addition to the sustainable component, the packaging of our organic products also offers optimum protection and is as easy to handle as possible.

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Social commitment

For us, social commitment is more than just an obligation – it is a matter close to our hearts. We believe in the power of community and are committed to social projects. We want to promote healthy eating for children, but also actively support people for whom “What do I eat?” is a central question in daily life.

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Value-oriented cooperation

Our working culture at Byodo is characterized by value-oriented cooperation. Our corporate values are the basis of our unique working environment, because together we not only create high-quality and environmentally friendly products, but also an inspiring and sustainable future. Become a part of it and actively shape a more sustainable world!
Byodo Team- Lerne uns kennen
Value-creating corporate culture Good cooperation and mutual appreciation enable value-oriented, collaborative work to take place. This approach characterizes us at Byodo every day. Learn more Icon
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Vacancies Would you like to become part of our team and actively work towards achieving our goals? We are looking for committed people who share our vision of a sustainable future. Apply now and join us as we shape the world of tomorrow! To the job offers Icon

Organic pioneer for enjoyment since 1985

1985 Foundation of Byodo Naturkost GmbH
1986 Start of "Organic commodities trading" business line
1987 Start of the "Wholesale health food" division
1988 Start of dressing work
1993 Focus on Byodo as a brand
1994 Expansion of the company's top management
1998 Relocation to Mühldorf am Inn
2001 Organic enjoyment for the catering trade
2005 Internal quality expertise
2008 New company headquarters
2009 Excellent year
2010 Repositioning as an organic delicatessen brand
2012 New packaging for the Byodo Catering Line
2014 First vegan mayo
2015 30-year company anniversary
2015 Groundbreaking ceremony for extension
2016 Opening of Feinsinn - organic store & gourmet cuisine
2017 New design
2018 New corporate structure
2019 Byodo founder retires from the management board
2020 Expansion of the management board
2022 Generational change in the management

Organic enjoyment. For every occasion.

Catering Line
Pioneer in large containers for the highest demands of the professional kitchen!
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Feinsinn - Organic store & gourmet cuisine
At Feinsinn, we offer high-quality organic products from regional sources. We focus on quality and sustainability with passion and care.
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Daycare center catering
Healthy nutrition in the first years of life is crucial. Our balanced organic lunches in daycare centers and kindergartens promote this important cornerstone.
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Raw material
Reliable partner for high-quality organic raw materials: 100% organic quality, comprehensive range, short delivery times, expert advice, quality assurance in accordance with EU organic regulations.
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