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The right marinade for your barbecue ideas

For more variety on the barbecue, we recommend marinating the food in a marinade. Marinades are not only suitable for meat, fish or vegetables, but vegan alternatives such as tofu or seitan can also be marinated and grilled. You can also marinate different types of cheese such as feta or halloumi or fruit such as peaches or bananas.

But what is the basis of a marinade? Which marinades are suitable for which grilled food? And are there any tips for making and using marinades?

We’ll show you how in this article. You’ll also find creative recipe ideas for marinades that make for a special barbecue experience.

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Which marinade is suitable for which grilled food?

A marinade consists of a mixture of oil, acid such as lemon juice or vinegar, spices, herbs and sometimes sugar. It is used to season meat, fish, vegetables and any grilled food before grilling, adding extra flavor and preserving the juiciness of the food. While strong, spicy marinades are well suited to meat, milder, citrus-based marinades are more suitable for fish. Vegetables, on the other hand, benefit more from spicy oil-based or creamy marinades.


Recipe ideas for the perfect barbecue marinade

No matter which marinade you choose, the process is always the same: Put the food together with the marinade in a storage box. It is important that the food is completely covered in oil and spices. Now put the pickled food in the fridge for a few hours so that the flavors can soak into the food.

The time varies depending on the recipe and marinade. Thinly sliced grilled food such as poultry only needs 30 minutes to an hour, while thicker grilled food such as tougher beef or pork benefits from a longer marinating time of several hours. A steak should therefore be marinated for approx. 3-5 hours. Fish and poultry require less time. After the marinating time, allow the meat to reach room temperature for 1 to 2 hours, pat dry and place on the grill.

Spicy-hot marinade

Our tip for delicious marinated spare ribs, chicken, zucchini or eggplant slices.





Dab the food well after marinating and brush carefully with the remaining marinade several times during the grilling process.

Fruity mango balsamic marinade

The sweet freshness of sun-ripened mangoes combined with the fine acidity of balsamic vinegar: our fruity mango and balsamic marinade is ideal for fish such as tender salmon fillets or vegetable skewers.






Mix the ingredients together and coat the fish, such as salmon, with the mixture. Cover and leave to marinate in the fridge for 30 minutes. Heat up the barbecue and brush the grill with a little cooking oil. Then grill the fish on both sides, turning once.

Basil-lemon marinade

We particularly recommend the fresh basil and lemon marinade for marinating vegetables such as peppers, zucchinis, mushrooms, tomatoes or onions. The lemony marinade is also ideal for light meat such as chicken breast or fish such as salmon fillets or prawn skewers. Tofu also tastes wonderfully aromatic with this marinade.



Mix the ingredients together and stir well until all the ingredients are evenly combined. Generously coat the grilled food, such as vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces, with the marinade and leave to marinate in the fridge for at least 30 minutes or longer for a more intense flavor.

The divine barbecue sauce "Byodo Style"

This all-rounder is a real professional tip from our chef Sabine from our in-house organic gourmet kitchen. It can be used as a dip and barbecue sauce as well as a marinade for any barbecue food. Sabine has also created the divine Byodo Allrounder vegan, so that it goes perfectly with any vegan barbecue ideas.




Peel and finely chop the garlic cloves. In a large bowl, mix with all the other ingredients using a whisk. Season again with the spices and the sauce can be used for grilling, marinating or dipping. It tastes even more intense if it is left in the fridge overnight so that the flavors can develop even better.

If you can’t use up the barbecue sauce at the first barbecue evening, the sauce will keep for a few weeks in the fridge. You can also easily freeze the sauce.

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