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Roasting pleasure at its finest

Roast, grill and deep-fry to your heart's content with Byodo organic frying oils - even at high temperatures thanks to the Byo-Protect® process!
Like all Byodo oils, our frying oils are produced using a nutrient-preserving, mechanical pressing process. The Byo-Protect® process makes the frying oils highly heatable while retaining valuable ingredients.

Highly heatable thanks to Byo-Protect®

  • Natural and gentle 3-phase process
  • Protection of valuable ingredients
  • High oleic acid content
  • High smoke point

How does the Byo-Protect® procedure work?

The Byo-Protect® process removes heat-sensitive plant substances from the oil in three steps – gently and naturally.

1. gentle filtering of the oil to remove the first coarse components

2. binding of other plant substances through natural clay minerals

3. gently applied steam “blows” the last fine particles out of the oil

Roasting pleasure for every taste

From delicately nutty to deliciously Mediterranean

Whether frying, grilling or deep-frying – the natural Byodo frying oils are a must. They are highly heatable, have a unique taste and can be used universally.
In addition to the versatile high-oleic frying oils, the exquisite frying olive oils and the particularly mild rapeseed frying oil are also available for that special frying pleasure.

Mediterranean fried olive

intense and aromatic

Pure olive combined with the best taste and ideal properties for frying, grilling and deep-frying. What the Roast Olive Mediterranean which, as a pure olive oil, contains up to 70% oleic acid. Thanks to its wonderfully Mediterranean olive note, the frying olive oil goes particularly well with Mediterranean dishes such as risotto or fish dishes.

To the Mediterranean roast olive

Roast olive mild

Gentle and harmonious

The new Roast Olive Mild
provides a unique, harmonious composition of extra virgin olive oil and the finest high-oleic sunflower oil for a particularly mild olive flavor. Roast Olive Mild is the perfect choice for roasting, grilling or deep-frying when a subtle olive note is required to emphasize the flavour of the food.

To the Roast Olive Mild

Classic frying oil

Mild and versatile

For our classic frying oil we use 100% organic sunflower seeds of the “high-oleic” variety. This type of sunflower has a particularly high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid. This gives the frying oil a high smoke point and makes it even more heat-stable.

To the classic frying oil

Exquisite frying oil

Delicately nutty and strong in taste

The Exquisite frying oil
is an outlier among the Byodo frying oils. Because it also impresses with its special taste. Finely roasted sesame oil gives our Exquisit frying oil its subtle nutty note. This oil is a unique blend of 89% high-oleic sunflower oil and 11% roasted sesame oil. The fine nutty taste of the frying oil refines Asian dishes and fish dishes.

About the Exquisit frying oil

Rapeseed frying oil

Mild and rich in valuable fatty acids

As the inventors of organic frying oil, we were the first on the market in 1996 with our Classic frying oil.
With this many years of experience, we have developed the rapeseed frying oil as a particularly mild oil enjoyment. It is rich in valuable unsaturated fatty acids and can be used in a variety of ways thanks to its mild taste.

About rapeseed frying oil

Recipe ideas with our organic frying oils

Vegan lentil patties
Here, crispy vegan lentil fritters meet a delicious zucchini and rocket salad, refined with spicy tahini paste.
To the recipe ...

25 min.


Shakshuka with feta cheese
The Israeli national dish shakshuka is a specialty, especially for breakfast, but also tastes delicious at any other time of day.
To the recipe ...

40 min.


Vegetable pancakes with quark dip
The vegetable pancakes made from zucchinis, carrots and potatoes are an absolute delight with the creamy quark dip!
To the recipe ...

30 min.


Baked eggplant with herbs
Delicious baked eggplant with a spicy herb and oil marinade and creamy aioli dip – a vegan delight at its best. This dish tastes just as good as a main course as it does as a side dish.
To the recipe ...

40 min.