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Quality assurance

Guaranteeing the outstanding quality of our products has always been a top priority in our quality work. Our diverse range includes only products made from the finest 100% organic ingredients. Through numerous voluntary commitments and double quality assurance, we guarantee the finest organic produce.

Our voluntary commitments

As a member of the BNN (Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren – German Association of Natural Foods), compliance with the appointed orientation and guideline values is a voluntary commitment that is even stricter than the EU regulations and which we are very happy to fulfill.

Double quality assurance

The enjoyment factor of our products is guaranteed by double quality assurance, both by our partner suppliers and Byodo’s internal quality assurance. To this end, each product batch is carefully checked. This includes a comprehensive analysis plan in accordance with our product specifications and sensory control. This is carried out by our QA team. For sensory issues, the team can draw on the advice of the internal Byodo Panel, a group of people who receive regular training on sensory issues.

We guarantee our customers complete traceability for every product batch in our range.

Research & Development

Through various research projects and as a member of important expert groups, we are always up to date in terms of quality. We integrate the latest analysis findings into our production and quality assurance as quickly as possible – you can rely on that.

No secrets about our ingredients!

There are no hidden ingredients in our products!

All ingredients used are listed on the label. Of course, we adhere to the legal regulations here and
and also list allergens in detail
. But because the safety of our customers is a matter close to our hearts, we go one step further.
one step further
and also declare possible traces of allergens
with which products may have come into contact during production.

One example is our spaghetti. This pasta shape is made on a production line that also produces spaghetti “nero”. The liquid from squid, which are classified as molluscs, is used to give this pasta its dark color. Although the production line is cleaned very thoroughly before our pasta is made, possible cross-contamination with the ink cannot be ruled out 100%. However, to give you the greatest possible transparency about potential allergens, we state on the label: “may contain traces of molluscs”.

Due to increased inquiries from our customers, we would also like to point out that
all our products are subject to the EU Organic Regulation
. This also applies to the processing of insects. These may not be used as organic food or organic feed, as the corresponding production guidelines have not yet been laid down in the EU Organic Regulation. We can therefore assure you that no insects are used in our products.

More about our quality standards

IFS certification as a quality standard
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Our product variety
Discover over 150 products in the best 100% organic quality. Our double quality assurance ensures maximum product safety. Here you will find more than just products - enjoy the taste of quality, pleasure and sustainability.
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