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Excellent organic quality in our gourmet kitchen

Gold award for our Feinsinn gourmet cuisine


We have great news to announce! Our Feinsinn Genussküche was one of the first catering establishments in the region to be awarded the new state organic certificate for out-of-home catering in gold. Since it opened in 2016, employees and guests have been able to enjoy breakfast, lunch dishes, coffee and cake in 100% organic quality.

Marcus Hofer und Sabine Kriegl-Schreiner mit dem neuen Bio-Zertifikat in Gold für die Feinsinn Genussküche_Byodo Naturkost

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture adopted the new Organic Out-of-Home Catering Ordinance (Bio-AHVV) at the end of 2023. This is accompanied by three new organic seals in gold, silver and bronze, which show guests at a glance how high the organic content of the restaurant is. This makes it easier for consumers to choose organically produced food and dishes when eating in the canteen, in restaurants or on the go.

We are delighted that our Feinsinn was one of the first regional restaurants to be awarded the golden seal for a 90-100% organic content. The kitchen team at Feinsinn has been cooking fresh and 100% organic products every day since the very beginning. For eight years now, we have been contributing to the national Organic Strategy 2030, which includes the expansion of organic out-of-home catering as a key measure.


“Top quality, maximum enjoyment and 100% organic – we place the same demands on the dishes in our gourmet kitchen as we do on our Byodo products. Both our employees and numerous external guests appreciate this outstanding culinary offering every day,” says Byodo Managing Director Stephanie Moßbacher.

Feinsinn Operations Manager Marcus Hofer adds: “Our guests have always been able to rely on the organic quality of our dishes, we only work with organically produced ingredients out of conviction and are also regularly inspected by the organic inspection body. The new organic label now communicates this even more simply and clearly.”

We are incredibly proud of Feinsinn Genussküche and are delighted to be able to share this important milestone in our company history with you!

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more about our organic store and our in-house gourmet cuisine.



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Our contribution to more biodiversity

Our contribution to more biodiversity


With our near-natural company premises, we make an important contribution to preserving insect diversity and have once again been awarded the title of “Blooming Company” by Blühpakt Bayern.

The Blühpakt Bayern has set itself the task of stopping species extinction, especially among insects. Companies that design their open spaces to be close to nature and thus create a habitat for insects are therefore awarded the title of “Blooming Companies”. This is the second time we have received the award.

The open areas of our company premises in Mühldorf am Inn are laid out as extensively maintained rough pasture, i.e. they are rarely mowed. The particularly lime-rich and nutrient-poor soil ensures a year-round flower population that provides shelter and food for insects. The roofs of the office building and the associated Feinsinn organic food store are also covered in greenery.

But we are also committed to greater insect protection and biodiversity outside our own premises. Since 2020, we have also been the sponsor of a 500 m² flowering area between Mühldorf and Weiding. The former field was transformed into a habitat for a variety of insects and other animals using native seeds. The flowering area is maintained by Maschinenring Altötting-Mühldorf.


Would you also like to contribute to the protection of insects? At

there are numerous tips for “Blooming Gardens”.

For a darker night

We switch off the advertising lighting from 9 pm


We have adjusted the burning time of our advertising lighting and support the “Paten der Nacht”, a Germany-wide organization against light pollution. This is because a night illuminated by artificial light disturbs the biorhythm of humans, animals and plants.

“What microplastics are in our oceans, lakes and soil, artificial light is in our atmosphere,” says the organization “Godfathers of the Night”, explaining the problem of light pollution. That is why they are actively campaigning for a reduction in artificial lighting in both the commercial and private sectors. The associated project “10 p.m. – lights out” is specifically about advertising lighting. The organization is trying to persuade companies to switch off outdoor advertising lighting by 10 p.m. at the latest.

Because a responsible approach to the environment is a core corporate value for us, we are participating in this project and adjusted the lighting times at the end of February. We even go one step further by giving the night an extra hour of darkness. In future, the motto at Byodo and in our organic store Feinsinn will be “9 pm – lights out”!

By participating in this project, we also want to encourage other companies to rethink their approach. Because the more companies and private individuals take part, the darker the night becomes and the more the environment benefits.


You can find helpful tips on reducing light pollution at


Company cars fill up with solar power from their own roof

Byodo builds new e-charging stations for company cars

At our company headquarters in Mühldorf, we are taking another step towards greater sustainability in order to further reduce our CO2 footprint. The entire company building is already climate-neutral. Until now, however, a major CO2 factor has been employees’ journeys in company cars. We have therefore decided to further expand Byodo’s e-charging infrastructure. In future, 16 new charging points will be available for the company cars.

Groundbreaking ceremony

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new e-charging stations was held on July 6, 2022. All the work should be completed by the fall and the stations will go into operation. 22 KW will be available at all wallboxes to charge fully electric vehicles from 0 to 100% in around 4 hours. At Byodo, we have also converted 80% of our company fleet from hybrid to electric cars. Only four hybrid vehicles will remain.

Photovoltaic systems on the company building

The electricity for the charging stations is generated directly on the company’s own roof. The photovoltaic systems on the office building and warehouse generate up to 500 kWp at peak times – this corresponds to an annual CO2 saving of around 300,000 kg. Byodo uses most of this electricity itself. For energy requirements above and beyond this, only green electricity is purchased. This means that we completely dispense with fossil fuels at the site.

The new wallboxes at the charging stations are also climate-neutral and produced in Austria. With the gardening and landscaping company Bitzer & Bernhard from Mettenheim and the master electricians Schindler & Denk from Ampfing, only companies from the immediate vicinity are involved in the construction project.

While the newly built e-charging stations will be available exclusively for Byodo company cars, we also offer public charging stations in the parking lot of our Feinsinn organic store. Charging is also completely free for customers of the organic store – you can activate this function at the charging station with your Feinsinn customer card.

Organic pasta now in paper packaging

100% enjoyment in 100% recyclable packaging


Not only perfect enjoyment and the best organic quality, but also sustainable packaging play a central role in our organic products. That is why we are switching the packaging of Italian Byodo pasta to paper.


lasagne sheets in light-colored




gluten-free version

and the
were available in cardboard packaging from the outset. The previous plastic-reduced composite packaging for our other pasta varieties is now also being completely replaced by 100% recyclable paper packaging, which can and should be disposed of in the blue garbage can for waste paper.

The new packaging is made of paper with the “FSC Mix” certification. It therefore contains materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled material and material from controlled sources (Controlled Wood). This mix of materials promotes responsible forest management by enabling the parallel processing of both certified and non-certified wood*.

Our love of pasta is particularly evident in the selection of the best raw materials and the Byodo promise of enjoyment. Only sun-ripened, Italian grain in 100% organic quality is used for the 19 durum wheat and 4 emmer semolina varieties. It is always freshly ground and processed into pasta in Italy. Traditional bronze dies slightly roughen the surface of the noodles when pressed so that they later combine perfectly with the sauce.


Byodo and its pasta – a German-Italian love story since 1992.

30 years ago, Byodo founder Michael Moßbacher was one of the first manufacturers to launch light-colored organic pasta on the market. At the time, it was absolutely innovative and required a lot of explanation, because until then only the wholemeal version had been known as organic pasta. Since then, we have maintained a good partnership with our Italian pasta partners and have acquired a wide range of pasta expertise over the past three decades.


*FSC Germany,