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We support organic projects!

We are the pioneers of organic enjoyment - and we want to inspire even more people and take them with us on our shared path to a sustainable future. That's why we help nurseries, schools, universities and clubs to realize their organic project to get children and young people excited about organic!

Working together for a sustainable future, getting active together, getting excited about organic issues together - we are delighted to have you on board!

Inspiring for and with organic

At Byodo Naturkost, we firmly believe that conscious enjoyment and a sustainable lifestyle should play an important role from an early age.

After all, these young people spend a large part of their day in daycare centers, schools, universities and clubs. Educational staff, the kitchen team and many other people outside the home have a significant influence on the nutrition and nutritional education of children and young people.

That is why we launched the BIObegeistert promotion program.

Bringing organic projects to life together

With our BIObegeistert sponsorship, we support institutions in the implementation of organic projects in order to introduce children and young people to the topic of organic food in the long term and to arouse their interest in organically produced food.

This is also our contribution to the organic strategy of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, which includes the expansion of organic out-of-home catering (especially in communal catering) and more education on organic farming.

Your organic project - supported by Byodo

Would you like to convert your nursery or school kitchen to organic? Is your facility aiming for organic certification? Do you want the children to experience first-hand how organic farming works on an organic farm? We look forward to your organic project ideas!

BIObegeistert is a matter close to our hearts – because we are bio-enthusiasts and want to inspire many more people and take them with us into a sustainable future. Help us to awaken enthusiasm for organic food among young people in daycare centers, schools and in their free time! BIObegeistert lives through your commitment!

You can win financial start-up support of up to 5,000 euros for your organic project:

  1. Fill out our application form and send it to – the next deadlines are September 30, 2024 and May 2025.
  2. We first make a pre-selection from all the organic projects submitted.
  3. The best entries will then go into the voting round – you and your entire daycare center, school or university can of course vote!
  4. The winners will be informed after the end of voting.
  5. Now your organic project can really take off with financial support from Byodo!

About our sponsorship

Everything you need to know about our promotion. If you still have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you at!

Who can apply?

The Byodo sponsorship BIObegeistert supports institutions throughout Germany in the realization of organic projects that benefit young people.

  • Daycare centers
  • Schools
  • Vocational schools
  • Universities
  • Clubs
  • other voluntary organizations

How much funding is available?

The first three places in the voting round will each receive prize money for the implementation of their organic project:

  1. Place: 5,000 euros
  2. Place: 3,000 euros
  3. Place: 2,000 euros

What criteria must the submitted projects fulfill?

  • The most important thing for us is that your project has a clear focus on organic and organically produced food.
  • Your organic project must benefit children and young people, and if they can be actively involved, all the better.
  • Another important criterion is that your project has a lasting effect and will continue in the future even without our financial support.
  • With our funding, we want to give new ideas a boost and inspire you to start something new – which is why we specifically support projects that have not yet started or are not yet being implemented. For example, if you already have a good plan in the drawer but have not yet been able to implement it for financial reasons, we would be delighted if you could submit this idea.

Are multiple applications possible?

Unfortunately your project did not win? You are welcome to apply again with an adapted or optimized concept. You can also submit several different project ideas separately but by the same deadline. We evaluate each organic project individually and in the end the organic community decides which one should receive the prize money.

Examples of projects that we support

Are organic and a sustainable lifestyle important to you, but you don't quite know how to teach these topics to children and young people in your daycare center or school? We would like to give you some suggestions for organic projects that we would like to support.

(Gradual) conversion of the food on offer to organic

The national organic strategy focuses on out-of-home catering. We also see great potential in German nursery kitchens, canteens and cafeterias to give children and young people a taste for ecological and sustainable nutrition.

But isn’t that far too expensive? How do we get started? Where do we get the organic ingredients? What does a sustainable menu actually look like?

At the beginning of this organic project there are many questions. You can find answers, for example, at the information portal Ö or at the BioBitte initiative.

Nevertheless, parents still need to be convinced, recipes need to be tried out and perhaps new appliances need to be purchased. All of this costs time and money – and we can provide you with at least the latter to support your organic project “Conversion to organic dishes”.

Visit to an organic farm

Where does our food actually come from? And what is different on an organic farm than in conventional agriculture? An understanding of what organic actually means – for the products, the animals, the environment – can best be experienced first-hand on an organic farm.

We are happy to support you financially with the organization of such an excursion for your kindergarten or school!

And many more organic projects!

Organic activity days, school vegetable gardens, organic breakfasts for everyone – we’re sure there are lots of great ideas that we haven’t even thought of yet! If your project idea revolves around the topic of organic, then BIObegeistert is the right place for you.

We look forward to receiving your application!