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Wild garlic foam soup with poached egg

Creamy wild garlic soup with poached egg and chives. Fresh wild garlic gives this soup a spicy note, while the poached egg reveals its golden-yellow center when pierced.


25 min.


Soup ingredients
80 g Wild garlic, washed & cleaned
80 g fine spinach, washed
30 g Parsley
50 g Butter
2 Shallots, cut into fine strips
1 Pinch Sugar
1 Pinch fresh pepper
1 Pinch Cayenne
20 ml White wine
80 g Creme fraiche
200 g Cream
500 ml Poultry stock
1 Splash Lemon juice
Poached egg ingredients
4 Chicken eggs
Vinegar water
Byodo premium sea salt, fine-grained
Chives, finely chopped
Puff pastry sticks


Briefly blanch the wild garlic, spinach and parsley in boiling salted water. After a short time, pour directly into a fine sieve and rinse with ice-cold water.
In the meantime, foam up the butter and frying oil in a hot pan and immediately sauté the shallot strips. Add the wild garlic and spinach mixture and sweat briefly, season immediately with a little salt, spices and sugar. Finally, deglaze with white wine and top up with olive oil, crème fraîche, cream and chicken stock.

Bring the soup to the boil as quickly as possible and then immediately puree finely in a blender.
Before serving, season the soup with lemon juice, heat without boiling and blend with a hand blender until frothy.


Poached egg

Bring the vinegar water to the boil and, in the meantime, break the eggs into cups. Use a wooden spoon to create a swirl in the hot vinegar broth and carefully slide in the eggs one by one. Continue to stir carefully and turn the heat down to half power.

Leave the eggs to stand for about 5 minutes without boiling them.

Once cooked, remove the eggs from the water, cut off any strings and place directly into preheated plates. Finally, drizzle the eggs with rapeseed oil, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with fresh chives.


To serve, carefully place on top of the foam soup.



3 tips from star chef Alexander Huber


  • Vinegar in water: The vinegar helps the egg to set better. The ratio: about 100 ml of vinegar to 1 liter of water. Alexander Huber recommends the

    Byodo red wine vinegar

  • Just don’t cook! Bring the vinegar water to the boil and then turn the heat down to half power. It should be hot, but not boiling.
  • Perfect cooking time: the star chef recommends 5 minutes for a soft-boiled egg.

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