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Lemon Balsam Switchel

Refreshing cooling from tangy lemons and fine berries – wonderfully fruity for the summer!


30 min.


1 pcs. Ginger, large
3 Organic limes
3 EL Honey
Ice cubes
1 Handful Raspberries
Sparkling mineral water
5 Handles Mint, fresh
4 Slices Organic lemon

Peel the ginger, cut into slices and simmer in 500 ml tap water for approx. 2 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave to infuse for another 20 minutes.

Squeeze half of the organic limes, quarter the rest. Mix the honey, lime juice and Byodo Lemon Balsam in a large glass carafe. Add the ice cubes, raspberries, mint and lemon slices to the carafe.

Add the cooled ginger water through a sieve, top up with mineral water and stir.

Our tip:

Alternatively, for a summer drink with even more berry flavor, simply use Byodo Raspberry Balsam instead of Lemon Balsam.

Recipe properties

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