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Welle Welle

Radicchio salad

This refreshing radicchio salad with tangy walnut kernel oil and tender goat’s cheese is not only simple, but also a varied treat for salad lovers.


10 min.


100 g Radicchio
50 g Ruccola
30 g Walnuts
150 g Apple, tart
2 EL Byodo walnut oil
1 TL Honey
100 g Goat cheese

Wash the radicchio and rocket, shake dry, roughly tear and place in a bowl. Toast the walnut halves in a pan without oil over a medium heat until lightly browned. Cut the apple into small cubes and mix with the salad.

For the dressing, mix the walnut oil, apple cider vinegar, honey and salt. Pour the dressing over the salad and stir.

Arrange the salad on a plate and crumble the goat’s cheese over it. Finally, garnish the salad with the roasted walnut kernels and a little walnut oil.

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