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Pure fish enjoyment

A varied selection of delicious recipes to bring the diversity of the seas and lakes to your plate. From sophisticated fish dishes to classic preparations and exotic fish creations - here you will find culinary inspiration to delight fish lovers of all tastes.
Garnelen Spieß
Prawn skewers in BBQ coating
Experience summer on your plate with these juicy barbecue skewers marinated in an aromatic, homemade BBQ coating. This recipe combines fresh ingredients such as prawns, crunchy vegetables and a pinch of chili to create an unforgettable taste experience.
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25 min.

Crispy char fillet
Quick & easy to prepare: Enjoy a crispy fried char fillet with scalloped sweet potatoes and creamy parsnip puree! This quick feast promises pure indulgence!
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55 min.

Crispy tarte flambée
A delicious variation on the popular fall classic – fine smoked salmon with mountain cheese on a crispy base and topped with lemony crema.
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90 min.