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Vegetable pancakes with quark dip

The vegetable pancakes made from zucchinis, carrots and potatoes are an absolute delight with the creamy quark dip!


30 min.


Ingredients Vegetable pancakes
300 g Potatoes
250 g Carrots
200 g Zucchini
2 Eggs
½ red onion
1 large Garlic clove
½ Covenant fresh parsley
50 g Whole wheat flour
2 EL Multi-seed or rolled oats
Dip ingredients
100 g Quark
150 g Yoghurt
1 Spring onion
1 EL Dried garden herbs
8 Handles fresh parsley
Paprika spice
1 Splash Lemon

Preparation of vegetable pancakes

First wash the zucchinis. Peel the potatoes and carrots and grate the vegetables coarsely with a grater. Drain over a sieve and then squeeze very well by hand.

Peel and finely dice the onion and garlic clove. Rinse and chop the parsley.

Then mix all the ingredients together and season.

Heat 3 tablespoons of Byodo rapeseed frying oil in a non-stick frying pan and use two tablespoons to portion out the puff pastry mixture. Fry over a medium heat for approx. 5 mins and only then turn. Gradually fry the pancakes, adding more oil if necessary.
Degrease the finished pancakes on kitchen paper and keep warm in the oven.

Preparation of dip

Meanwhile, wash and finely chop the spring onion and parsley.
Mix the quark and yogurt, add the spring onion, dried herbs and parsley. Then season to taste with paprika, lemon, salt and pepper.

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