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Tips for your sustainable EM soccer party

Barbecues, picnics and more

The European Football Championship is in full swing and with it comes the perfect opportunity for an outdoor barbecue or public viewing. But how can soccer fun be combined with sustainability?

We’ll show you how you can make your EM party environmentally friendly. Discover delicious recipe ideas and practical, sustainable tips for barbecuing. Let’s celebrate together and keep our ecological footprint as small as possible!

5 tips for more sustainability when barbecuing

Sustainability when barbecuing not only means taking care of the environment, but also enjoying food in a more conscious and healthier way. With five simple tips, you can make your barbecue party more environmentally friendly and still enjoy delicious dishes:

Nachhaltiger Tipp für die EM Fußball Party von Byodo Naturkost

Tip #1: Use regional barbecue charcoal

Did you know?

Conventional charcoal often comes from distant countries and illegal deforestation. Therefore, use charcoal made from local wood to avoid long transportation routes and support the regional economy. Look out for certifications such as the FSC or Naturland seal, which stand for sustainable forestry.

Tip #2: If meat, then organic

It is well known that meat is not exactly sustainable. But if meat is to end up on the barbecue, it is worth investing in high-quality, regional meat from organic farms. On the one hand, organic meat simply tastes better and on the other, it protects the environment and promotes animal welfare.

Nachhaltiger Tipp für die EM Fußball Party von Byodo Naturkost

Tip #3: Say goodbye to aluminum foil

Aluminum often creates waste, which is also difficult to recycle thanks to grease residues and the like. There are sustainable alternatives such as reusable grill mats or griddles made of metal, stone or even wood. These are also easy to clean.

Potatoes or eggplants can be placed in the embers without any foil or alternatively wrapped in rhubarb or cabbage leaves.

Vegetarische Grill-Alternativen

Tip #4: Veggie more often

Get creative with cheese, vegetables or fruit! Because when it comes to sustainability, meat-free barbecuing scores highly in terms of CO2 and water consumption. Here you can also look out for regional and seasonal products. Maybe something will even grow in your own garden?

Try vegetarian or vegan barbecue alternatives such as vegetable skewers, tofu or grilled cheese. Get inspired and discover our barbecue recipes!


To the barbecue recipes
Nachhaltiger Tipp für die EM Fußball Party von Byodo Naturkost

Tip #5: Don't let anything burn

It may seem trivial, but keep an eye on your food to avoid food waste. Plan the quantities carefully and only grill as much as you will actually eat. Avoid wasting food by using leftovers from the barbecue creatively – for example in salads or wraps the next day.

By the way: Extinguishing with beer is not a good idea and only produces carcinogenic smoke! If you want beer flavor, it is better to marinate the food beforehand.

Your picnic at the public viewing

You can also enjoy the games with friends and family at a public viewing picnic. To ensure that your picnic is not only delicious but also sustainable, you should pay attention to the following things.

  • Reusable crockery and cutlery: Avoid single-use plastic and bring reusable plates, cups and cutlery instead. Bamboo or stainless steel tableware, for example, is suitable here.
  • Zero-waste packaging: Pack your food in reusable containers, beeswax cloths or cloth bags. This saves waste and avoids disposable packaging.
  • Regional and seasonal ingredients: When choosing food, opt for regional and seasonal products. Not only do they have a smaller ecological footprint, they also taste better and fresher.
  • Homemade snacks and drinks: Prepare your own snacks and drinks to avoid unnecessary packaging. Whether it’s sandwiches, fresh salads in a jar or homemade lemonade.
    Find suitable recipes here!
    Drinks should ideally be filled in reusable bottles or thermos flasks. This reduces the consumption of disposable plastic bottles and keeps your drinks cold or warm for longer.
  • Travel together: Traveling together by carpooling or using public transport also helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Recipe ideas for your soccer party

Göttliche Grillsauce "Byodo Style"
Divine barbecue sauce “Byodo style”
Let the unique taste of the divine “Byodo Style” barbecue sauce convince you! 100% vegan, the sauce is sure to delight everyone at the table and can be used as a dip or marinade for any barbecue food.
To the recipe ...

10 min.


Pink Tonic
Fruity pomegranate, sparkling tonic water and fine gin – the perfect combination for your next cocktail party!
To the recipe ...

3 min.



Grilled hot dogs in two variations
Two variations of the German-American classic, refined with smoky barbecue sauce and fruity tomato ketchup.
To the recipe ...

30 min.

Mini halloumi burger
Small but mighty! The mini burgers with spicy marinated halloumi and creamy barbecue sauce are an absolutely delicious barbecue treat!
To the recipe ...

60 min.


Layered salad from the jar
Hearty red lentils, fresh watermelon, green olives and creamy feta – delicious layer after layer!
To the recipe ...

20 min.


Crispy corners with two different dips
Green coriander avocado dream and fruity, spicy tomato salsa harmonize perfectly with the Byodo crispy corners.
To the recipe ...

20 min.


Wholemeal sandwich with curry mango chicken fillet
Hearty sandwich with deliciously marinated curry-mango chicken fillet – delicacies on the go!
To the recipe ...

50 min.

Three kinds of ketchup sauces
These 3 homemade ketchup sauces provide that certain something! Whether it’s a smoky BBQ version, a fruity mango and ginger combination or fiery and spicy with jalapenos – you decide!
To the recipe ...

15 min.



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