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Company cars fill up with solar power from their own roof

Byodo builds new e-charging stations for company cars

At our company headquarters in Mühldorf, we are taking another step towards greater sustainability in order to further reduce our CO2 footprint. The entire company building is already climate-neutral. Until now, however, a major CO2 factor has been employees’ journeys in company cars. We have therefore decided to further expand Byodo’s e-charging infrastructure. In future, 16 new charging points will be available for the company cars.

Groundbreaking ceremony

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new e-charging stations was held on July 6, 2022. All the work should be completed by the fall and the stations will go into operation. 22 KW will be available at all wallboxes to charge fully electric vehicles from 0 to 100% in around 4 hours. At Byodo, we have also converted 80% of our company fleet from hybrid to electric cars. Only four hybrid vehicles will remain.

Photovoltaic systems on the company building

The electricity for the charging stations is generated directly on the company’s own roof. The photovoltaic systems on the office building and warehouse generate up to 500 kWp at peak times – this corresponds to an annual CO2 saving of around 300,000 kg. Byodo uses most of this electricity itself. For energy requirements above and beyond this, only green electricity is purchased. This means that we completely dispense with fossil fuels at the site.

The new wallboxes at the charging stations are also climate-neutral and produced in Austria. With the gardening and landscaping company Bitzer & Bernhard from Mettenheim and the master electricians Schindler & Denk from Ampfing, only companies from the immediate vicinity are involved in the construction project.

While the newly built e-charging stations will be available exclusively for Byodo company cars, we also offer public charging stations in the parking lot of our Feinsinn organic store. Charging is also completely free for customers of the organic store – you can activate this function at the charging station with your Feinsinn customer card.