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Poaching (cooking)

Poaching is a gentle cooking process in which food is cooked in liquid at a low temperature. The product is placed in the liquid at below 100 °C and should be kept at around this temperature.


Which foods are suitable for poaching?

Poaching is a particularly good method for preserving the structure of delicate foods such as fish, dumplings, sausages, poultry, fruit and eggs.


How do I poach a perfect egg?

To prepare a poached egg, bring water to the boil in a pan with a dash of vinegar, form a whirlpool in the water and carefully poach the egg in it until the white is firm but the yolk is still soft. In our recipe “

Wild garlic foam soup with poached egg

“, star chef Alex Huber tells you how to prepare a perfectly poached egg and what to look out for.


Which liquid can be used for poaching?

For savory dishes, water with a little vinegar, white wine or broth can be used to improve the taste. For sweet dishes, water can be flavored with sugar, lemon juice or fruit juice.


Can several foods be poached at the same time?

Yes, several foods can be poached at the same time as long as they have similar cooking times. However, make sure you leave enough space in the pot so that the food can move freely.


How can I prevent the food from falling apart when poaching?

Use fresh, high-quality food and poach it gently at a low temperature. Make sure that the liquid does not boil too much to prevent the food from falling apart.