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Exquisite baking pleasure!

With Byodo baking oil you can create unforgettable moments of pleasure. The baked goods are wonderfully airy and moist in no time at all - and they stay fresh for longer.

Why bake with oil instead of butter?

Compared to using butter, baking with oil offers many other advantages:

  • Plant-based butter alternative for vegan & lactose-free baking
  • High proportion of valuable unsaturated fatty acids
  • Particularly easy to dose
  • No need to melt the butter – just start stirring straight away!
  • the Byodo baking oil is particularly heat-resistant – even if the cake burns a little, the proportion of undesirable trans fatty acids does not increase
To the classic baking oil

Try it out!

Easily convert your favorite recipe into a baking oil recipe with our butter-to-oil converter.

Butter Butter Welle
Our Butter-oil Converter
Amount of butter in the recipe:
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Butter Skala Butter Skala
Replace the butter with the following amount of baking oil and liquid
(e.g. water, milk, plant drink)
g / ml
Baking oil
g / ml

The calculated quantities can of course be rounded up or down a little at any time to make them easier to measure – this does not detract from a delicious baking result!

For which dough can butter be replaced with baking oil?

Almost any dough is suitable for baking with oil:

  • from the classic sponge dough can be made with the Byodo pumpkin seed oil to conjure up particularly fine delicacies.
  • Choux pastry is used to make fine cream puffs or éclairs – which can also be filled with savory fillings.
  • Yeast dough, e.g. for pizza, and the classic quark and oil dough can also be prepared excellently with our baking oil.
  • The oil is ideal for shortcrust pastry, e.g. for cake bases, crumble cakes or cookies. Create an emulsion before mixing all the ingredients. Simply mix the baking oil with the egg or soy milk/yogurt and then quickly mix into the dry ingredients.

Which oil is suitable for baking?

Basically, you can use any tasteless vegetable oil for baking that can withstand the high temperatures in the oven. However, our recommendation for perfect baking results and unforgettable moments of indulgence is the Byodo Baking Oil Classic.

For the high-quality oil, organic high-oleic sunflower seeds are cold-pressed and the oil is then deodorized to ensure good heat stability. Supplemented with “linoleic” sunflower oil, it is also rich in valuable unsaturated fatty acids.

Recipe ideas to bake!

Airy pizza rolls
The tasty snails made from airy dough are filled with mozzarella, fresh olives and tasty pieces of salami. Ideal as finger food or as a snack.
To the recipe ...

130 min.

Succulent cinnamon buns
Surprise your loved ones with our delicious cinnamon buns recipe. The centerpiece here is the first-class sugar-cinnamon mixture that melts in the mouth.
To the recipe ...

155 min.


Vegan yeast plait
Delicious yeast pastry with a nut or chocolate filling and a beautiful crust. Deliciously refined with the plant-based butter alternative, Baking Oil Classic.
To the recipe ...

185 min.


Sponge roll with berry mousse
Light and fluffy sponge roll with fruity berry mousse, blueberries and pistachios. A deliciously sweet treat for warm summer days!
To the recipe ...

245 min.