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Welle Welle

IFS initial certification completed very successfully

Byodo Naturkost receives IFS initial certification at “Higher Level”


We are incredibly proud of ourselves because we can now call ourselves “IFS-certified”! In November 2023, we were put through our paces for two days. The certificates are now also available: we have fulfilled 95 out of 100% of the requirements, which is an excellent result and has earned us the “Higher Level” award.

Quality is one of our core corporate values and part of our Byodo DNA. Now we have also received independent confirmation that we are living this value in our daily activities.

At the end of the audit, our IFS auditor Sissy Wokensky said of Byodo: “The value of quality runs through your entire company. When you do something, you do it right.” Could there be any better praise?

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You can read more details about our initial IFS certification in our press release on the subject.