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For a darker night

We switch off the advertising lighting from 9 pm


We have adjusted the burning time of our advertising lighting and support the “Paten der Nacht”, a Germany-wide organization against light pollution. This is because a night illuminated by artificial light disturbs the biorhythm of humans, animals and plants.

“What microplastics are in our oceans, lakes and soil, artificial light is in our atmosphere,” says the organization “Godfathers of the Night”, explaining the problem of light pollution. That is why they are actively campaigning for a reduction in artificial lighting in both the commercial and private sectors. The associated project “10 p.m. – lights out” is specifically about advertising lighting. The organization is trying to persuade companies to switch off outdoor advertising lighting by 10 p.m. at the latest.

Because a responsible approach to the environment is a core corporate value for us, we are participating in this project and adjusted the lighting times at the end of February. We even go one step further by giving the night an extra hour of darkness. In future, the motto at Byodo and in our organic store Feinsinn will be “9 pm – lights out”!

By participating in this project, we also want to encourage other companies to rethink their approach. Because the more companies and private individuals take part, the darker the night becomes and the more the environment benefits.


You can find helpful tips on reducing light pollution at