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Byodo pasta shapes: Which pasta goes with which sauce?

Did you know that there are over 350 types of pasta that are known worldwide?

From well-known shapes such as spaghetti and penne to less familiar ones such as strozzapreti and orecchiette – they all reflect Italy’s rich culinary tradition. Each type of pasta has its own history and use, which is often linked to regional specialties and traditional recipes. Choosing the right sauce also perfects the pasta experience. But which pasta should you combine with which sauce?



The Byodo pasta variety

Here you will find a diverse selection of the finest pasta in the highest organic quality. Both
classic variants
as well as gluten-free and high-protein options as well as wholemeal or emmer Pasta includes our extensive pasta range – discover the quality and special taste in every bite.

Kurze Pastaformen Byodo Naturkost
Short pasta shapes
Our short, small pasta shapes such as penne, strozzapreti or spirals are real all-rounders. However, their special shape makes them particularly suitable for strong, thick or creamy sauces or for ragout. They are also excellent cold in a pasta salad.
Lange Pastaformen Byodo Naturkost
Long pasta shapes
Long pasta shapes such as spaghetti or tagliatelle are absolute classics in Italian cuisine. Long, thin pasta such as spaghetti or spaghettini is ideal for smooth, light sauces and pestos. Tagliatelle, on the other hand, are long, flat and wider than spaghetti, which is why creamy, strong sauces such as cream sauces or Bolognese adhere perfectly to them.

How does the sauce adhere better to the pasta?

One of the biggest challenges when preparing pasta, apart from choosing the right pasta shape, is making sure that the sauce adheres well to the pasta. Here are a few tips that you should definitely bear in mind when preparing the pasta and sauce:

  • Do not rinse the pasta: Do not rinse the pasta with water after cooking. The starch on the surface of the pasta helps the sauce to adhere better. However, if you rinse the pasta, you remove this important layer and the starch is lost.
  • Cook the pasta al dente: Cook the pasta al dente, i.e. firm to the bite. This way it retains its structure and the sauce does not slide off the pasta.
  • Combine the pasta and sauce: Mix the pasta and sauce in the pan instead of simply pouring the sauce over the pasta. This allows the pasta to absorb the sauce better and the flavor can be evenly distributed. Allow the pasta and sauce to simmer together for one to two minutes.
  • Use starchy cooking water: Keep some of the starchy cooking water after cooking the pasta and add it to the sauce. This binds the sauce better and ensures better adhesion to the pasta. One or two tablespoons are enough to improve the consistency of the sauce. A little tip: keep some of the cooking water in an airtight jar in the fridge so that you can use starchy cooking water when preparing a sauce. The cooking water will keep refrigerated for about 2-3 days.
  • Texture of the pasta: The “roughness” of the surface of the pasta is also decisive for the adhesion of the sauce. This is because a rough texture makes it easier to bind the liquid to the pasta. This rough surface is created by the use of bronze dies in the pasta production process. The pasta is pressed through traditional bronze molds, which ensure a rougher surface than with conventional molding and the sauce sticks particularly well later on. While industrial production usually uses machines made of a material that ensures a smooth surface and therefore low sauce adhesion for cost reasons, Byodo Pasta only uses traditional bronze dies.
  • Note the fat content: There should also be a certain amount of fat in the sauce, such as olive oil, butter or cream. Fat basically acts as an emulsifier and combines well with the starchy pasta.



What types of sauces are there?

Leichte Soße
Light sauces
Light sauces are often made on the basis of olive oil, lemon juice or light broths and refined with herbs - for example, an aglio e olio or a lemon and herb sauce. These sauces can also be called thin sauces and are ideal for long thin pasta such as spaghetti or linguine.
Cremige Soßen
Creamy sauces
Creamy sauces are based on cream, cream cheese, cheese or butter - such as carbonara or gorgonzola sauce. They are rich and, thanks to their creaminess, go perfectly with long ribbon noodles such as spaghetti or tagliatelle.
Kräftige Soßen
Strong sauces
Strong sauces such as arrabiata or bolognese have intense flavors and often contain meat, strong spices or spicy ingredients. They are often even thicker than creamy sauces and go well with shapes such as rigatoni, penne or orecchiette, which can easily absorb the sauce and, above all, the ingredients in the sauce.
Glatte Soße
Smooth sauces
Smooth sauces are homogeneous, contain no chunky ingredients and are usually based on tomatoes or cheese. Sauces such as a classic pomodoro are suitable for all pasta shapes.
Stückige Soßen
Chunky sauces
Chunky sauces, on the other hand, contain pieces of vegetables, fish or meat and offer a lot of texture. You will need a pasta shape that can absorb the texture of the pieces in the sauce - such as penne, spirals or farfalle.
Pesto Soße
Pestos are thick, creamy sauces based on herbs, vegetables, nuts and cheese. Shapes such as fusilli, stozzapreti or volanti, which can easily absorb the creamy consistency thanks to their special shape, are ideal for this.
Auflauf Byodo Naturkost
Different pasta shapes are also used for casseroles, depending on the sauce and filling. While penne, spirals, farfalle or rigatoni are suitable for the classic pasta bake, special lasagne sheets are used for lasagne. Stuffed pasta can also be prepared in the oven with various fillings. Cannelloni, for example, are ideal for this.

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