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The readers' favorites 2023

Byodo organic products convince


The organic food magazines EVE and NATRÜLICH asked readers about their favorite products from organic food stores. Around 94,500 voted and chose their favorites among the top 100 brands. Our products can also look forward to the title of “Readers’ Favorite 2023”!

fruity tomato ketchup without granulated sugar
is the “eve reader favorite 2023”: Real ketchup fans prefer not to eat anything without it, because for them the tomato-based sauce goes with almost everything. Since a conscious diet starts with the right dip, we opted for an organic ketchup without any granulated sugar, sweetened only subtly with agave syrup. 80% tomato paste from organic Italian tomatoes gives it its deliciously intense, fruity taste. The sun-ripened, freshly harvested tomatoes are briefly steamed immediately after washing. This inactivates enzymes and the fruity taste and red color are retained. The tomato puree is then mixed with the other ingredients, gently heated and mechanically processed until the delicious red sauce can be bottled.


Our recipe tip:

Crispy oven fries with homemade French fry salt

A must-have for readers of NATÜRLICH magazine is the

Byodo Roast Olive Mediterranean

which was one of the winners of the “Naturally Readers’ Favorite 2023”. No wonder, because the combination of a fine olive note and good heat stability makes the oil ideal for frying, grilling and deep-frying, for example Mediterranean dishes. The finest organic olives give it its mild taste. The high oleic acid content of the pure olive oil and the gentle production process ensure good heatability. Like all organic olive oils from Byodo, the Mediterranean Frying Olive is obtained using a nutrient-preserving cold pressing process – naturally from the first pressing. Subsequent steam washing (= gentle deodorization) at low temperatures removes intense colours and flavours from the organic olive oil. This makes it even more heat-resistant.


Our recipe tip:

Vegan Spanish tapas

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