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Very similar to boiling, it is steamed in liquid, e.g. in vegetable stock or wine, but in very little liquid, often with the addition of fat. Steaming is a very gentle, healthy preparation method.


How does steaming work?

A small amount of liquid is heated to boiling point in a pan with a little fat added, the food to be cooked is placed in the pan and cooked in a closed container either on the stove or in the oven.

Fish or meat, for example, is also often cooked in aluminum foil. This method also allows herbs and spices to be absorbed into the food.


Which foods can be steamed?

Steaming is particularly suitable for delicate foods such as vegetables, fish or tender meat. It allows them to retain their natural flavors and nutrients while they are gently cooked.

You can also add herbs, spices, lemon zest or other flavors to the liquid with the cooking food to enhance the taste of the food.