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Steaming is a gentle cooking method in which food is cooked over boiling water or hot steam without coming into direct contact with the water. In addition to saving time, the loss of vitamins is also reduced due to the short cooking time, making steaming a gentle form of cooking.


What needs to be considered?

For steaming, use a steamer insert or a steamer to place the food over boiling water. It is important that the cooking pot is closed when steaming so that the steam can circulate evenly and cannot escape so quickly.

Steaming in a pressure cooker is a special form of cooking. The hermetically sealed pot generates additional pressure, which greatly accelerates the cooking process.


Which foods are best suited to steaming?

Steaming is particularly suitable for vegetables, fish or poultry and even some types of desserts. It is important to combine foods with similar cooking times and temperatures to ensure even cooking.


How can I prevent the food from drying out during steaming?

To prevent food from drying out during steaming, it is important to use sufficient liquid. The water in the lower part of the steamer or pot generates steam that surrounds the food and prevents it from drying out. Also check the water level during the cooking process and top up if necessary. A short cooking time also prevents the food from drying out. If food is cooked for too long, it can dry out. You should therefore stick to the recommended cooking times for the respective foods and not steam them for too long.