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Roasting is a dry cooking method in which food is cooked in the oven or in a pan at high temperatures (up to 300 °C) without adding fat. Constant movement prevents burning. Aromatic roasting substances are produced during roasting. Nuts, vegetables, seeds, bread, meat and coffee beans are often roasted.


What temperature should be reached when roasting and how long should food be roasted?

The exact temperature depends on the food to be roasted. In general, however, the roasting temperature is between 175°C and 220°C, with higher temperatures ensuring shorter cooking times and crispier results.

The cooking time also varies depending on the type and size of the food. It is important to check, move and turn the food regularly to ensure that it is roasting evenly.


Which spices and flavors are best for roasting?

Herbs, oil or even honey and maple syrup can easily be used for roasting. However, they should only be added towards the end of the roasting process to avoid burning, especially the spices.