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Bavarian picnic wraps

Hearty, crunchy wraps with meat loaf and homemade special pickles – delicious finger food for a successful picnic.


10 min.

½ Cucumber
½ TL Sugar
4 Tortilla wraps, small (diameter approx. 22 cm)
½ Covenant Radish
2 Spring onions
8 large salad leaves (e.g. lollo bionda/ chard)
8 Slices Leberkäse cold cuts

Wash the cucumber and cut lengthwise into thin slices using a slicer. Heat the frying olive in a pan and fry the cucumbers briefly on both sides in the pan. Season with a little sea salt and sugar and then deglaze with vinegar. Simmer for a further minute.

Spread 2 teaspoons of Byodo Sweet Mustard on each of the wraps.

Slice the radishes and spring onions and spread evenly on the wraps with the lettuce leaves. Leave the top quarter free to make it easier to roll up.

Top with the sliced meat loaf and braised gherkins. Roll up tightly and secure with a cord.

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