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Deep frying

When deep-frying, the food is “baked” floating in a lot of hot fat. This produces roasted substances and browning of the food. Fat acts as a flavor carrier, making fried food taste particularly delicious.


Which grease or oil should I use?

As the fried food absorbs some of the fat depending on the size of the surface – which is therefore also consumed – it should be a high-quality organic oil. Oils that can be heated to a high temperature are particularly recommended, such as the
organic Byodo frying oils
. The very mild
Organic Frying Oils Classic
and rapeseed hardly give off any flavor to the fried food. In contrast, the
Roast Olive Mediterranean
or the
Frying Oil Exquisite
deliberately enhance the food with subtle notes of olive oil or sesame. The
Rapeseed frying oil
also has a particularly high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids.


How do I deep-fry properly?

The most convenient way to prepare fried food is in the deep fryer. Alternatively, a deep pan in combination with a kitchen thermometer is also suitable.

The oil is slowly heated to a temperature of 160 – 175 °C and should not exceed 180 °C if possible. The fried food should be dry and loose crumbs, e.g. from the breading, should be shaken off beforehand so that they do not collect in the frying fat. The food must have enough space to float, so do not put too much into the frying fat at once. This would also greatly reduce the temperature of the fat and the frying result would not be optimal.


What can be deep-fried?

In addition to meat and fish, it is mainly vegetables that are deep-fried – the best-known food is French fries. Deep-frying also gives sweet dishes such as quark balls, doughnuts or other lard pastries their typical taste. Deep-fried kale, deep-fried zucchini flowers or wafer-thin, deep-fried vegetable strips also make delicious toppings for a wide variety of dishes.


What do I do with the oil after frying?

The frying fat can be reused several times. If a high-quality oil has been used for frying, this is simply poured through a fine sieve after cooling to remove any residue from the fried food. It can then be poured back into the bottle and used again for the next frying process. Foods with a strong taste of their own will also release this into the frying oil and thus influence how often or for what the fat can be reused.

Alternatively, fat or frying oil once used for deep-frying can also be used as usual for frying and cooking and thus gradually used up.


Frying recommendations from DGF

Our recipe tips

Caution – hot & delicious! Try the crispy onion rings baked in beer batter from our “Bavarian tapas” recipe or the deep-fried falafel.

Bavarian tapas
Hearty finger food with a hearty twist – that’s pure Bavarian enjoyment
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240 min.


Falafel simply homemade
Delicious deep-fried, oriental balls made from chickpeas – ideal for dipping, as a salad topping or in a wrap.
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