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Daycare center catering

The foundations for healthy eating in children are laid in the first months and years of life. We can support this by providing a balanced organic lunch in the daycare center and kindergarten.

Organic enjoyment for little explorers: healthy meals made from regional ingredients.
Markus Hofer
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Our offer at a glance:

  • 100% organic lunch dishes according to DGE certification
  • Balanced, child-friendly meals
  • Consideration of seasonal, regional and cultural eating habits
  • Meat-reduced 6-week meal plan
  • Fresh preparation and cook & chill method for preserving nutrients
  • Environmentally friendly delivery by electric car and gentle heating on site

Byodo daycare center catering with DGE certification


Every day, our dedicated kitchen team prepares delicious lunches from 100% organic ingredients for 17 daycare centers and kindergartens in the Mühldorf and Altötting districts. Since the start of deliveries in September 2017, we have based the creation of child-friendly meals on the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society (DGE). On 12.11.2020, we received DGE certification as a visible sign to the outside world for our wholesome and health-promoting catering.

The certification is based on the “DGE Quality Standard for Catering in Daycare Centers”. In concrete terms, this means that we only prepare meals that are compiled according to the latest findings in nutritional science. When preparing meals, for example, attention is paid to particularly low-fat and nutrient-sparing preparation, fried and/or breaded products are rarely integrated into the menu, sugar and iodized salt are used sparingly, and fresh or frozen herbs are preferred for seasoning. It is also particularly important to us to offer a seasonal range of foods and to take into account culture-specific and regional eating habits as well as religious aspects.

Only the best for our youngest!

The standards we set and the creativity of our nursery chefs result in a balanced, meat-reduced 6-week menu with a menu line where the children can discover new dishes and always look forward to their favorite dishes. Delicious main courses are alternately complemented by a fresh raw vegetable salad or a delicious dessert.

As with our Byodo products, we naturally attach great importance to 100% organic ingredients when preparing our children’s meals. We work with trusted suppliers from the region who share our passion for organic produce and enjoyment. But our own products, such as the fine wholemeal pasta and the fruity tomato products, are also used almost every day.

Fresh & warm on the children's plates

Every meal is freshly prepared daily in our gourmet kitchen and cooled down quickly after cooking to preserve valuable nutrients. This method of preparation is called Cook & Cill. Our driver then delivers the delicious children’s meals to the daycare centers and kindergartens in an environmentally friendly way using an electric car. Gentle heating then takes place directly on site in the regeneration ovens.

We are delighted to be able to make a valuable contribution to healthy eating for children with our range of products for daycare centers and kindergartens!

Marcus Hofer

Management of Feinsinn organic store and gourmet kitchen

Phone: +49 (0)8631/3629-84