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Organic pasta now in paper packaging

100% enjoyment in 100% recyclable packaging


Not only perfect enjoyment and the best organic quality, but also sustainable packaging play a central role in our organic products. That is why we are switching the packaging of Italian Byodo pasta to paper.


lasagne sheets in light-colored




gluten-free version

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were available in cardboard packaging from the outset. The previous plastic-reduced composite packaging for our other pasta varieties is now also being completely replaced by 100% recyclable paper packaging, which can and should be disposed of in the blue garbage can for waste paper.

The new packaging is made of paper with the “FSC Mix” certification. It therefore contains materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled material and material from controlled sources (Controlled Wood). This mix of materials promotes responsible forest management by enabling the parallel processing of both certified and non-certified wood*.

Our love of pasta is particularly evident in the selection of the best raw materials and the Byodo promise of enjoyment. Only sun-ripened, Italian grain in 100% organic quality is used for the 19 durum wheat and 4 emmer semolina varieties. It is always freshly ground and processed into pasta in Italy. Traditional bronze dies slightly roughen the surface of the noodles when pressed so that they later combine perfectly with the sauce.


Byodo and its pasta – a German-Italian love story since 1992.

30 years ago, Byodo founder Michael Moßbacher was one of the first manufacturers to launch light-colored organic pasta on the market. At the time, it was absolutely innovative and required a lot of explanation, because until then only the wholemeal version had been known as organic pasta. Since then, we have maintained a good partnership with our Italian pasta partners and have acquired a wide range of pasta expertise over the past three decades.


*FSC Germany,