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Coffee meets olive oil: a special taste experience

In recent years, coffee with olive oil has established itself as a trendy drink. This combination may seem unusual at first glance, but many coffee lovers are convinced by the unique taste and velvety texture that olive oil gives to coffee. Now we also wanted to try out the trend and tested it extensively for you together with coffee expert Uli from the Baruli coffee roastery.

Find out how to make the perfect coffee with olive oil and why it is so important to use high-quality ingredients.

How the expert

Expert Uli von Baruli prepares coffee with olive oil


To prepare this trendy drink, you will of course need freshly ground coffee, high-quality extra virgin olive oil and plant-based or animal milk.

This is how Barista Uli does it:

  1. For two cappuccinos, Uli adds a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil directly to the milk, which is then frothed to around 60-65 °C. He chooses an oat milk for this. When choosing a plant-based milk alternative, it is important that it is labeled Barista and is well chilled. However, fresh cow’s milk with a fat content of 3.5% can also be used.
  2. Once the milk has been frothed with the olive oil, it can be poured onto the prepared espresso. Make sure that the foam is evenly distributed over the espresso.
  3. Before drinking the cappuccino, Uli recommends stirring it well again to ensure a consistent taste. “This way, the olive oil in the cappuccino and therefore the aromas are better distributed and you can taste an ideal interplay of all components,” says Uli.
Kaffee trifft auf Byodo Olivenöl nativ extra

Test & conclusion of coffee with olive oil

Coffee with olive oil is said to combine the best of the two Italian traditions of “coffee” and “olive oil”. But what does the coffee variation really taste like?

Our social media manager Marina and barista Uli tried the coffee with olive oil and reveal their verdict on the taste.


Watch her reaction in the video!

Watch the video

Why should you choose a high-quality organic olive oil?

The choice of a high-quality olive oil determines the taste and texture of the coffee.

This is because a high-quality extra virgin olive oil has a fresh, fruity character that blends well with the aroma of the coffee. Inferior olive oils, on the other hand, can have an unpleasant effect on the taste of the coffee.

In addition, an olive oil with the addition “extra virgin” is the purest and highest quality olive oil, which is obtained from the olives using the cold pressing process and also has numerous health benefits.

Its velvety, soft texture gives the coffee a pleasant mouthfeel and unique enjoyment.

To our olive oils
Kaffee trifft auf Byodo Olivenöl nativ extra

Why is it important to use organic coffee?

High-quality coffee is grown and harvested under fair trade conditions and sustainable practices. To consume coffee responsibly, look for the organic label on the packaging.

You can also recognize high-quality coffee by the fact that it is often roasted in smaller batches. As a result, it is fresh and has more intense aromas and a better crema that blend well with the texture of the olive oil.

In addition, only carefully selected beans that contribute to a rich, balanced taste experience are used for high-quality organic coffee. The roasting process, in which care is taken to process the beans gently, also plays an important role.

About organic coffee from Baruli

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