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Chocolate meets chickpeas

NEW: Puffed, chocolate-coated chickpea waffles!


Puffed rice cakes are one of our first products. First introduced in 1988, the crispy slices are still an absolute customer favorite today. Now there’s a breath of fresh air in the waffle range: puffed chickpea waffles with a chocolate coating. The crispy slices in 100% organic quality impress with their nutty taste and an extra portion of protein and fiber.

With around 20 g of protein and 12 g of fiber per 100 g of dried chickpeas, these pulses are real powerhouses. They also contain a variety of valuable minerals that are retained even after puffing.

Chocolate lovers will get their money’s worth with the organic company’s new power snack – a whopping 50% chocolate covers the crispy, puffed-up slices. With the dark chocolate variant, we also offer a vegan version of the crispy snack. The nutty taste of the chickpeas in combination with the fine chocolate also ensures the ultimate indulgence for young and old.