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What makes Byodo tick

Shared values as the key to success


Mühldorf – 30.10.2023: If the “cultural fit” is not right, there is a high risk that new employees will quickly leave a company, according to a recent study. Byodo Naturkost GmbH works with a strong focus on values. This is why Managing Director Stephanie Moßbacher recently took the time to explain the mission statement and corporate values to the new arrivals in detail.


According to an onboarding survey in 2023, technical induction is a clear focus for almost all companies surveyed (93%). At the same time, 28% of new hires leave the company within the first year because there is no “cultural fit”. So it’s not a lack of qualifications, but the fact that employees and companies don’t tick in the same way.


The organic company Byodo Naturkost from Mühldorf am Inn wants to actively counteract this and commit its team to shared values. Managing Partner Stephanie Moßbacher has now personally taken a few hours of her scarce time for this.


In recent years, Byodo Naturkost has focused intensively on its corporate culture. “We have clearly defined our vision, mission and values and drawn up guidelines on how we want to work and interact with each other,” says Managing Director Stephanie Moßbacher. “Many of the team were actively involved in this process. That’s why it’s very important to me to pick up the new “Byodos” as well, so that we’re all on the same path together.”


During her workshop, Stephanie Moßbacher gave exciting insights into her personal journey at Byodo and her view of the company and its future. After presenting the company values – respect, doing business differently, quality, togetherness and innovation – the participants were asked to find an example of how each value is already being practiced in a positive way, as well as an example of where they still see potential for improvement. At the concluding lunch together, the Managing Director and the team were able to get to know each other better and strengthen their common bond.


Source: Haufe Onboarding Survey, May 2023

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