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"The best frying olive oil on the market" turns 20

Byodos Roast Olive Mediterranean is also Best Organic 2024


Mühldorf – 20.11.2023: Byodo Naturkost has two reasons to celebrate: the Roast Olive Mediterranean received the Best Organic 2024 award and was highly praised by the jury. At the same time, the customer favorite will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in the organic company’s range next year.

In the Schrot&Korn “Best Organic” customer survey, selected testers put a range of organic products through their paces – or rather, their taste, mouthfeel, smell and packaging. Byodo Naturkost’s Roast Olive Mediterranean – a pure olive oil that can be heated to a high temperature – was convincing across the board. The “exceptionally high quality” and “excellent heat resistance” were praised many times, as was the Mediterranean olive note: “Finally I can fry with a tasty olive oil!” And more than once, Frying Olive Mediterranean has been described as “the best frying olive oil on the market”.


But that’s not all: in 2024, the Brat-Olive Mediterran will also be celebrating its 20th birthday in the range. But how can a product remain so successful for two decades? The frying olive oil is a symbol of the innovative strength that Byodo is committed to. Following the introduction of the “frying oil” category in the organic market in 1996 with a classic sunflower oil, olive oil, which can be heated to a high temperature, was added in 2004. From then on, it became an absolute customer favorite and Byodo’s top product. This is also reflected in the sales figures: In 2022, it was the best-selling organic product in the dry sector*. The organic pioneer therefore recently even introduced a variant of the frying oil: The Frying Olive Mild for those who appreciate a less strong olive flavor.


*bioVista (retail panel for the organic specialist trade), evaluation period: calendar year 2022 (as at January 2023)

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