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The frying oil inventors follow up

Roast olive in a mild version


Mühldorf, summer 2023: Byodo Naturkost opens the 5th chapter in its frying oil success story: With Brat-Olive Mild, the pioneer of organic enjoyment and market leader in the segment is launching a new organic frying oil with a subtle olive note.

The best-selling organic product in the dry range* – the Mediterranean roast olive – is getting a boost: the new Mild roast olive is a unique oil composition made from extra virgin olive oil and the finest “high-oleic” sunflower oil in the usual top organic quality. The result is a highly heatable frying oil with a subtle olive note that emphasizes the taste of the prepared food.


Like all other Byodo frying oils, the new Frying Olive Mild is also filtered using the Byo-Protect process. In three steps, the heat-sensitive plant substances are removed from the oils, which could otherwise have a negative effect on the taste or form substances that are harmful to health.


First, the oil is filtered gently and purely mechanically. Natural clay minerals then bind other plant substances. Finally, gently applied steam “blows” the last fine particles out of the oil.


In addition, the sunflower content in the Roasted Olive Mild comes from “high oleic” seeds. These have a high oleic acid content, which makes the organic oil highly heatable by nature.


*bioVista(retail panel for the organic specialist trade), evaluation period: calendar year 2022 (as at January 2023)

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