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Olive oils with character

Taste profiles confirmed by the expert panel


Mühldorf, summer 2023: The fruitiness of Italy or the mildness of Greece – what will it be? The new organic olive oils from Byodo Naturkost take the palate on a Mediterranean taste journey.

There are over 1,000 varieties of olive – each with its own individual flavor profile. As with a good wine, the interplay of climate and soil also influences the taste of the oil. With the greatest care and sensory expertise, Byodo has selected two new, hand-picked olive oils from this variety.


The extra virgin olive oil from Italy is characterized by its strong and fresh green flavour. With its balanced bitterness and spiciness, it provides fruity moments of pleasure.


The extra virgin olive oil from Greece impresses with its unique mildness. With its hint of fresh, green aromas, it captures the Greek lightness.


An independent panel of experts tests and evaluates the individual taste profiles of the organic olive oils. In this way, Byodo can ensure that each of the oils authentically embodies its regional character.


The carefully selected olives come from sustainable organic farming and from producers who practice their craft with passion, dedication and love for nature.

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