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New in the Byodo CateringLine: Frying oil in organic quality

Sophisticated product for restaurants and commercial kitchens


Mühldorf, January 2024: Byodo Naturkost closes a gap in its range for restaurants and commercial kitchens – the organic company launches a high-quality and attractively priced frying oil in a practical 15-liter bag-in-box (BIB).


The pioneer of organic enjoyment has thought the product through to the smallest detail. From the ingredients to the handling, the new frying oil is perfectly tailored to the needs of commercial kitchens and restaurants.


The unique, palm oil-free composition of high-oleic and linoleic sunflower seeds in 100 % top organic quality guarantees perfect frying results. A highly heatable oil can already be extracted from the high-oleic kernels. In addition, the Byo-Protect process ensures optimum heat stability. In this 3-stage process, heat-sensitive plant substances are gently removed from the oil in a way that is particularly gentle on the nutrients. The frying oil also impresses with its frying stability. It is odorless and tasteless and does not develop any off-odors on its own.


With the practical 15-liter BIB packaging, Byodo strikes the perfect balance between handy weight and fewer trips to the kitchen. The cardboard is particularly tear-resistant, can be stacked easily and the oil is easy to pour out. The fully liquid state also saves time during use. The multi-component packaging made of plastic bags and cardboard can also be recycled easily and in an environmentally friendly way.

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