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Protein-rich power pasta

Byodo serves pulses as pasta


Mühldorf, summer 2022: Byodo Naturkost is making its mark as a pioneer of organic enjoyment this fall with three varieties of protein-rich legume pasta. What’s more, the new products are gluten-free, vegan and sustainably packaged in paper.

The gluten-free organic Volanti with red lentils have been impressing consumers with the characteristic taste of the protein-rich pulses for four years now. From fall 2022, two new pasta shapes will be added to the range: cellentani made from green peas and spirelli made from chickpeas. Both contain only 100% organic ingredients from Italy.


The funny shape of the cellentani is thanks to a crooked pasta press. It was named after a popular singer in the 70s. With flour made from organic green peas, the pasta shape is experiencing a delicious renaissance, tasting fresh and slightly sweet.


Spirelli are a Neapolitan specialty. The protein- and fiber-rich cherry pea flour makes them a nutty, roasted taste experience.


Pasta made from pulses only needs a few minutes in hot water to cook. A large pot and caution are also required, as it foams up during cooking. Hot or cold, the protein-rich power pasta is a great addition to colorful bowls, salads and pasta dishes. It is naturally gluten-free and vegan.


The two new pasta varieties and the Volanti red lentil also come in paper packaging that is certified with the “FSC Mix” label and promotes responsible forest management. The packaging can and should be disposed of in the blue garbage can for waste paper, so it can be 100% recycled.

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