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New at Byodo: "White gold" in organic quality

First organic sea salt in 100% paper packaging


Mühldorf, January 2024: Organic pioneer Byodo Naturkost has completely optimized its salt products – the family business is now offering the first and so far only organic sea salt in 100% paper packaging.

The pioneer of organic enjoyment relies on Spanish salt marshes nestled in natural parks for its organic sea salt. The remote salt pans provide natural pre-treatment of the seawater. The water evaporates through the sun and wind alone, leaving behind the organic sea salt – produced with minimal energy input and therefore a very small ecological footprint. These salt pans also form an important ecosystem for birds and numerous other animal species.


In addition to its environmentally friendly extraction, the “white gold” in organic quality has other positive properties: it is unrefined, uniodized and contains no separating agents or anti-caking agents, but instead contains valuable minerals and trace elements.


The organic sea salt from Byodo Naturkost is available as a coarse-grained variant in a 500 g bag and fine in 500 g and 1000 g bags. The new packaging is made from 100% PEFC-certified paper and is therefore fully recyclable via waste paper.


The PEFC seal on the packaging means that the raw material for the paper comes from forestry that is proven to be ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. The PEFC institution is “the world’s largest independent certification system” for sustainably managed forests and describes itself as a “forest MOT”.

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