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Byodo once again honored as a thriving company

Near-natural company premises for more biodiversity


Mühldorf – 21.03.2023: Byodo Naturkost GmbH from Mühldorf am Inn has once again been recognized as a Blooming Company by Blühpakt Bayern for its naturally designed company premises. In this way, the organic company is making an important contribution to preserving insect diversity.


The Blühpakt Bayern has set itself the task of stopping species extinction, especially among insects. Companies that design their open spaces to be close to nature and thus create a habitat for insects are therefore recognized as Blooming Companies. This is the second time that Byodo Naturkost GmbH has received the award.


The open spaces on the company premises are laid out as extensively maintained rough pasture, i.e. they are only rarely mowed. The particularly lime-rich and nutrient-poor soil ensures a year-round flower population that provides shelter and food for insects. The roofs of the Byodo office building and the associated Feinsinn organic food store are also greened.


But Byodo Naturkost is also committed to more insect protection and biodiversity outside its own premises. Since 2020, the organic pioneer has also been the sponsor of a 500 m² flowering area between Mühldorf and Weiding. The former field was transformed into a habitat for a variety of insects and other animals using native seeds. The flowering area is maintained by Maschinenring Altötting-Mühldorf.


With its commitment to more natural areas, the organic pioneer also wants to inspire other companies and private individuals to make open spaces and gardens as insect-friendly as possible. At there are numerous tips for “Blooming Gardens”.

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