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Byodo develops the first creamy organic pesto on the market

Sophisticated recipe for maximum enjoyment


Mühldorf, January 2024: Now it’s getting creamy! Byodo Naturkost is revamping its organic pesto range and launching three new varieties: Pesto alla Genovese, Pesto Calabrese and Pesto Rosso. What they all have in common is their unique creaminess, the sophisticated recipe and, of course, the 100% organic ingredients.

Byodo Naturkost, a pioneer in organic enjoyment, is launching the first creamy organic pestos on the market with these new products. This reaffirms the company’s position as a driver of innovation in the organic sector.


The creamy Pesto alla Genovese has an intense, aromatic basil flavor, while the Pesto Calabrese with sun-ripened peppers and chilli peppers is a fruity, spicy delight. The vegan Pesto Rosso unfolds the hearty, fruity taste of sun-kissed tomatoes. The creamy recipe made from 100% organic ingredients of agricultural origin is unique on the organic market to date. Because there were a few challenges to overcome on the way there.


The recipe for many conventional pestos contains various additives that ensure shelf life, stability, consistency, an appealing appearance and improved taste. Byodo now achieves all this almost without additives – because the organic company avoids them as far as possible out of conviction. Of the only four additives that Byodo allows in its product range, only organic lemon juice concentrate is used in the pesto for a longer shelf life.


In addition, the oil in pesto often settles after a while and floats to the top. Byodo pestos do not have this unpleasant habit because they contain faba bean protein, which acts as a natural emulsifier. This ensures that the oil does not separate from the other ingredients and that the pesto remains homogeneous and creamy. Guar gum from certified organic farming is also used as a natural thickener to give Byodo pestos their creamy consistency.


Artificial preservatives are usually used in conventional pesto to extend its shelf life – Byodo Naturkost does not use them at all. The creamy organic pestos preserve carrot and lemon juice concentrate from controlled organic cultivation. The oil contained in the sophisticated recipes also contributes naturally to preservation.

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