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Employee presentation

Get to know the Byodo team better in an interview without words! Every now and then another Byodo employee stands in front of the camera and answers exciting and funny questions – using only facial expressions and gestures.

Stephanie How does it feel to be the sole Managing Director of Byodo and what makes Stephanie stand out as a boss? To the interview Icon
Anja What skills should trainees have in customer service and what is the most popular product among Byodo customers? To the interview Icon
Marina What characterizes social media management and what does Marina want to achieve as a social media specialist at Byodo? To the interview Icon
Lena What characterizes a People and Culture Manager and what else would Lena like to achieve at Byodo? To the interview Icon
Horst What questions do customer service representatives in the field hear particularly often and how has Horst's day-to-day work changed in 20 years at Byodo? To the interview Icon