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100 % organic expertise

Pioneer in large containers for the highest demands of the professional kitchen!

We have also been offering our 100% organic products to bulk consumers for almost 35 years. The Byodo CateringLine brand has been giving all products in large containers a home since 2001. Our high-quality and wide range includes more than 80 organic products. All our products always contain 100% organic ingredients from agricultural cultivation and we only use 4 of the 56 approved additives in line with our mission “We make organic. Better.” we only use 4 of the 56 approved additives. We are your number 1 contact for high-quality organic food from a single source. With sophisticated recipes that are tailored to the catering trade, canteen kitchens and communal catering businesses, and various container sizes and types, we provide you with optimum support in your everyday professional kitchen work.

Vinegar classic
Balsamic vinegar & balsamic vinegar
Frying oil
Premium oil
Fine companions
Spicy kitchen gadgets
Italian pasta
Tomato products

Byodo CateringLine – Your competent partner

for 100% organic quality in the professional kitchen for almost 35 years

  • Your competent and reliable partner since 2001
  • High-quality and tried-and-tested catering products for your organic food kitchen
  • Sophisticated recipes with regular product awards
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Wide range of products, everything from a single source, all 100% organic!

Not all professional kitchens are the same!

Each user group has individual and diverse requirements and wishes for good food. We are your competent partner.

  • Daycare/school and student catering
  • Clinics, rehabilitation centers, retirement and nursing homes
  • Company catering
  • Hotel industry
  • System and individual gastronomy
  • Catering company
  • Bakeries, butchers and co.

Stefan Dempfle

Key Account Manager
tel +49 (0)8631/3629-63

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