Convincing quality

Öko-Test rate Byodo Ketchup “Very good”


In its 05/2020 issue, Öko-Test tested the tomato ketchups of 20 manufacturers and our Byodo Tomato Ketchup without granulated sugar and made from 100% premium organic ingredients delivered an outstanding performance! In the laboratory tests conducted by Öko-Test, it convinced the judges with its high lycopene content among other things. This confirms that the tomato ketchup’s vibrant red colour and intense flavour is thanks to a large quantity of ripe tomatoes. Sweetened only with agave syrup, it thrilled the specialist sensory experts with its slightly sweet taste and particularly fruity tomato flavour. The tests also detected no traces of pesticides or mould in the Byodo ketchup. The fact that it is produced exclusively using organic tomatoes grown in Italy earned it extra points to finish off and resulted in the outstanding “SEHR GUT” (VERY GOOD) rating.

We are particularly delighted about receiving this renowned product award as long-term cooperation with our partner suppliers is a matter very close to our heart. Together, by means of strict quality controls both at the farms and here in our company, we create Byodo products of the highest organic quality for you to taste and enjoy!

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