Byodo is a “Blühender Betrieb”

Award for special commitment to the environment

Byodo Firmengebäude

The Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection recently presented us with a “Blühender Betrieb” (Blossoming Business) award for special commitment in the field of species and insect protection. We were delighted to accept the award and honoured that our commitment and efforts to promote biodiversity and environmental protection in our capacity as a natural food company have been recognised once again.

In the scope of the “Blühpakt Bayern” (Bavarian Blossom Pact), the Ministry hopes to encourage companies to design their corporate sites in a flower- and bee-friendly manner so as to promote Bavaria’s biodiversity sustainably. The “Blühender Betrieb” award is presented to companies with outside areas which are designed to be in harmony with nature and rich in species and structures. For Byodo, these are measures which go without saying, as they have already been in place since the very founding of the company in 1985 and were taken into consideration when designing our corporate buildings and green areas.

Our headquarters site is laid out as an extensively maintained rough pasture, which is particularly rich in chalk and poor in nutrients, boasting a wide variety of flowers all year around. As it is only rarely mown, bees, butterflies, and insects of all shapes and sizes can find food and protection there and on the green roof at all times of the year. We also enjoy getting involved with projects and campaigns! For example, together with the Byodo team, hedges and shrubs were planted on the site alongside the existing species providing nutrition and deciduous trees. Nesting boxes for starlings, hedgehog houses, an insect hotel and the water source offer the diverse fauna plenty of space to feed, breed and take shelter. Rare field herbs have also been reintroduced to the Byodo site since 2017, helping to save them from extinction and promote biodiversity.

As a medium-sized natural food company, we want to lead by example, inspire and demonstrate how each and every one of us can make their own contribution to protecting nature and the environment with even the smallest of actions. That’s why we were even more thrilled to receive this amazing award as confirmation of our efforts along the Byodo journey.